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10 Beauty Mistakes It’s High Time to Stop Making

You may not be even conscious about the beauty mistakes you make each day. In case you desire to create a flawless look, take it seriously and consider these 10 beauty mistakes it’s high time to stop making.

1.  Using Serums and Creams with Dirty Hands

Swiping serums on your face without rinsing your hands beforehand is an easy way for microbes to invade, becoming one of the beauty mistakes women make. Cleaning your hands, you won’t let dirt and bacteria transmit to your beauty products.    

Beauty Mistakes It's High Time to Stop Making

2.  Touching Pimples with Hands

The worst enemy of your skin is touching the pimples with your dirty hands. You will not only transmit infection beneath your skin, giving rise to pimples but also cause scars. When popping a pimple, you open it and make a wound, which becomes more sensitive to bacteria and breakouts.    

3.  Avoiding SPF Application

It’s a beauty mistake to apply SPF only in summer. You may use it throughout the year even in cold winter months. You should protect your skin in any weather, so you are advised to apply SPF each day.  

4.  Treating Roughly to Your Skin

Never clean your skin roughly. Elbow grease isn’t the best option. Rinsing your skin too hard with it, you will make fine lines as well as wrinkles appear. Consider that it’s essential to touch your skin with gentle movements and be very attentive when dealing with your eye areas, as they are the most sensitive part of your face.   

5.  Lip Licking

Cold weather makes your lips become dry, giving rise to a great instinct of lip licking to moisturize them. It’s surely one of the beauty mistakes to stop making, if you don’t want to aggravate the dryness. Provide your lips with enough moisture by applying lip balm, which is high in petroleum and lanolin, as well as cocoa butter. Stay away from products, which have a drying feature and are high in alcohol or citrus. Skip applying products, rich in salicylic acid and camphor.

6.  Tweezing Gray Hair

The first thing you will think about when noticing gray hair before going out is to tweeze it. However, you should know that grey hair will appear again. Instead, you are advised to go for a special treatment for gray hair and carry it out at home. It will fix your gray hair temporary but it’s worth trying if you are in a hurry.    

7.  Leaving the Makeup During the Whole Night

Never leave your makeup on your face and eyes during the whole night as it won’t allow your skin to breathe. Don’t forget to apply serum or go for a night cream to increase the level of collagen and provide hydration.

8.  Sleeping on the Direction of Your Face

Take a back pose when sleeping, instead of opting for a side and stomach poses, if you want to diminish the appearance of the wrinkles.  

9.  Daily Shaving

Shaving your legs as well as under your arms each day is another beauty mistake you should stop making. It’s not the best solution to remove bristly hair, as shaving gets rid of hair only from the surface, so it will grow again in several days. It’s proved that trimming your hair on a regular basis will make it grow more quickly, becoming thicker and looking fuller at the same time. Being in the risk of razor cuts and ingrown hair, your skin will become more sensitive and worse.    

10.  Over-Plucking Your Eyebrows

Over plucked and thin eyebrows will make your face look older, your eyes too near to each other and the nose bridge broader. Thus, pluck your brows very attentively and bear in your mind that thin eyebrows are never trendy.   

Everyone may create a charming and an eternal look only after stopping making beauty mistakes. It’s high time not only to be aware of the mistakes but to try skipping making them.

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