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10 Expert Tips for Winter Hair Care

The windy and chilly winter days cause dryness to your skin, make lips cracked and nose red. However, winter leaves its effect not only on your skin but your hair, as well. Cold will make your hair frizzy and static but with these expert winter hair care tips you will be able to fight against them. Here are 10 useful tricks for winter hair care.

Expert Tips for Winter Hair Care

1.  Fight against Frizz

Keratin treatment is an expert tip to care for your hair on cold and humid winter days. Smoothing treatments may also be applied to protect your hair from chilly winter months. You are also advised to rinse your hair with a shampoo, which is free of sulfate and apply hair conditioning mask.    

2.  Fight against Static Hair

One of the best ways to fight against the unavoidable static hair is to pull off a hat in winter. Though there are numerous products available to solve any hair problem, it’s rather difficult to deal with static tresses. Never apply too much serums as well as lotion and oils to skip having weighty and greasy hair. Instead, opt for a hairspray to control your static hair. Stay away from plastic combs if you don’t want to worsen the static.       

3.  Skip Dull Hair Color

If you want to have a sun kissed look even in winter, ask your hairstylist to spice up your hair with balayage highlights, which may serve as lowlights, as well. It will change any dull hair color and add a jovial and fresh touch.   

4.  Have a Shower with Cold Winter

Though it’s rather difficult to stand cold water in winter, hair care requires sacrifices. You are advised to wash your tresses with cold water as much as you are able to tolerate. Although cold water isn’t the best way to make your hair super clean, it’s great to provide your hair with shine. When rinsing your tresses with hot water, the cuticle is open, the hair is dry and the color is faded.    

Expert Tips for Winter Hair Care

5.  Apply Shea Butter

Shea butter is a fabulous moisturizing product, making your hair keep the moisture after getting out of the shower. Shea butter may also be applied on your scalp to get rid of dandruff and dryness.  

6.  Opt for Oil Therapy

It is believed that oil treatment is amazing for winter hair care. You are advised to opt for it several times a week and carry it out at home rather than attend expensive salons. Cover your tresses with oil, then create a braid and leave it even when attending the gym. The oil treatment has a hair strengthening feature, as it is absorbed by the tresses.  

7.  Go for Vitamins

For winter hair care, opt for Vitamin B complex as well as biotin to increase the chances of having thick and fuller-looking tresses. What you feed your body with affects the quality of your tresses.  

8.  Create Intervals between the Blowout

Applying dry shampoo is one of the expert tips to care for your hair in winter. This product will drink the extra oil from your scalp and hair between rinsing and applying styling tools. Daily shampooing removes the natural oils and together with heating tools causes double damage to your hair.    

Expert Tips for Winter Hair Care

9.  Opt for a Right Brush

Using the wrong type of brush will make your hair brittle, being a reason of breakage. The best option is to opt for a brush with boar bristles. They make hair smooth without tearing and give a lovely glow by scattering the natural oils equally from hair root to hair edges.    

10.  Protecting Your Hair from heat

Styling tools have a hair drying feature and give rise to breakage. However you may combat the damage by applying conditioner when having a shower. Consider that it’s a must to opt for a heat protectant before applying the heat tools to prevent the frying of your hair ends.

With these easy expert tips, you will be able to care for your hair properly in winter. Don’t ignore them and you will be able to enjoy your glowy tresses.


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