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10 Fashion Tips for Women Over 50

Fifty is the refreshed age of forty, taking into account the fact that women look more after their looks and the signs of aging appear much later. Thus, you are advised to consider these 10 fashion tips for women over 50.

1.  Be in Style at Any Age

We distinguish two women types being over 50: one group opting for outfits at Forever 21 and another one, pulling off their previous but favorite cloths for many years. However, they make a great fashion mistake, which should be corrected. Monica Bellucci may inspire you with her gorgeous outfit appropriate for her age. She proves that you don’t have to pull off short skirts or spaghetti blouses to look fashionable.

10 Fashion Tips for Women Over 50

2.  Wear Fitting Outfits

Never sport extremely droopy or tight outfits and instead opt for fitting cloths. This fashion tip is just created for women over 50, as they may go to extremes and pull off too tight outfits or baggy ones. None of them is right, that’s why go for items, which accentuate your perfect curves. Take your inspiration from Madonna and you will never make a mistake.

3.  Create Your Makeup in Warm Tones

Michelle Pfeiffer is one of the celebrities over 50, who find that warm tones should be used while creating a gorgeous makeup. The tone of the skin is exposed to changes when aging and cold tones highlight all the imperfections, which you want to conceal. Thus, you had better stick to warm tones to make your face as well as your eyes look lighter.

4.  Wardrobe Reevaluation

When being over 50, you should refresh your wardrobe and go for reevaluation. Your closet should include a white shirt, a chic skirt, touching the knees, pants made of wool and a stylish trench coat. You should also invest in black pumps, cool flats as well as casual and evening ones. Spaghetti jeans in white and deep shades, as well as chic accessories should be included in your closet. Skip matching the colors of your outfits and accessories, when you are over 50.

5.  Stay Away from Black Outfits

Black outfits are not great for women at the age of 50. They are not appealing and won’t give you a slimmer look. Throw away your doleful outfits and opt for colorful ones to add vividness to your closet.

6.  Opt for Comfort

Having a look at Sandra Bullock, you will be inspired to throw away your skinny jeans as well as crop tops and replace them with more comfortable outfits. If you had to go for beauty sacrifices when you were much younger, now you may freely choose what you want. However, comfort and trendy looks may be combined.

7.  Show off Your Assets

Women over 50 have a great opportunity to conceal their imperfections and show off their assets, instead. It depends on your outfit choice, as when opting for a right fashion item, you may reveal your beautiful legs. Give a try to a long skirt or dress with a slit. If you desire to show off your arms, opt for sleeveless outfits.

8.  Right Hairstyle

The hairstyle which you rocked in your 30s, can’t look great at your 50s. Thus, you had better ask a hairstylist for advice before going for this or that hairstyle. Gray hair is also recommendable for women over 50, so if you decide to dye your tresses, opt for a lighter tone than the natural shade of your hair. This fashion tip will make your face lighter and hide the imperfections. Besides, women over 50 shouldn’t trim their tresses and wear short hairstyles. They may wear long hairstyles, as well, to look cool and fashionable.

9.  Express Your Personality

Copy Angela Bassett’s look and express your personality by choosing proper outfits, creating a romantic and adventurous look. She sports a a knee-grazing flower-printed dress for a strong impact.

10.  Forget about Your Age

Women over 50 have their own goals and concepts to life. Many women even go for reinventions at the age of 50. They may become inspirations for their relatives and friends, never giving up their aims.

Thus, women over 50, who sport high quality outfits, which also flatter their body perfectly, and have a unique style, will create a better appearance in their age than many other young girls, who don’t look after them.


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