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10 Lipstick Tips to Be Guided By

Lipstick has its firm place in our daily beauty program and it has always kept its steady position in the makeup. The tiny tube is packed with a capability of changing your look sans using other facial products. To get an instant beautiful look, a lipstick is the best option. There are various lipstick shades, which appear in different prizes, as well.

Lipstick is known for its simple and innumerable application tricks you have never thought of before. In this post, we will give you information on some lipstick tips to be guided by.

Lipstick Tips to Be Guided By

1.  Apply Foundation to Make Your Lipstick Stay Long

Like in case of a shadow, lipstick maintains its long lasting power when spread over a base. Make your lips get ready for the lipstick shade by topping them with concealer or opting for foundation. Lip primer is a great option, too.  

2.  Go for Lip Exfoliation before Using Your Lipstick

As in case of all your body, lips need great exfoliation, as well to get rid of the dead cells. For an ideal canvas there is a necessity to make your lips soft and smooth. To carry out this lipstick tip, you may use various products as well as scrubs with many tasks.    

3.  Apply Lip Liner to Prevent Bleeding

The bad side of applying red toned lipstick is the unpleasant stain on the teeth. Applying lip liner in the same tone on your lips will prevent your lipstick from bleeding and make them plumper, enlarging the long-lasting power of your lipstick. Swipe it in firm strokes on your lip lines and then go for lip filling with a pencil before opting for your favorite lipstick.    

4.  Apply Lipstick with a Brush

Applyng a brush is one of the lipstick tips to be guided by. It’s mainly followed by experienced makeup stylists, as the application of your lipstick will be controlled.    

5.  Lipstick Expiration

You will most likely avoid using foods which have expired. The same should refer to your lipstick. Never embellish your lips with expiring products. Consider that your lipstick may expire in 1or two years and transform its texture.  

6.  Using Lipstick as a Blush and a Shadow

Lipstick is multifunctional and it is the dream of many girls. Due to the creamy formula of the lipstick, it adheres to your cheeks and eyelids, blending perfectly. It will provide a rosy touch to your cheeks and lustrous and wet eye makeup on your lids.     

Lipstick Tips to Be Guided By

7.  The Lip Drying Effect of the Lipstick

 It may sound rather ironic but some lipsticks have a lip drying feature. Lipsticks with matte finish have a power to make your lips dry. Thus, you had better apply a moisture enhancing lipstick or opt for a lip balm with tint.

8.  Lipstick with and Sans SPF

Before going out and being in sun for a long time, you should carry out protective actions against your lips. The sun rays may burn your lips, so you are recommended opaque types of lipsticks, as they have a more protective feature compared with a lip gloss. So, you had better choose a product high in SPF.   

9.  Take off Your Lipstick with a Special Trick

Taking off your lipstick doesn’t require applying numerous tissues, which will make your lips even drier. Vaseline not only has a moisturizing feature but may take off the color from your lips. Thus, Vaseline is also considered a remover for your lipstick.

10.  Blotting is a Valuable Step to Never Avoid

Blotting is among the lipstick tips to be guided by. It takes off extra lipstick and diminishes the chance of having lipstick stain on the teeth, providing you with a natural and lovely look.  

Thus, take into account the most essential lipstick tips and enjoy its powerful effect, bringing your lips to perfection.


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