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15 Makeup Tips for Glass Wearers

You have to pull off glasses and don’t find them attractive. However, we would like to cheer you up, as they are trendy and you may get the attractive touch instantly, just by wearing right makeup. Go for these essential makeup tips and tricks for glass wearers and add a fresh touch to your look.

Makeup Tips for Glass Wearers

1.  Eye Shadow

The applied eye shadow should involve copper and bronze touches. Swipe eye shadow both on your lids and under your brow area in order to be visible under the glasses. Consider that when applying shadow everywhere, you desire to soften your eyeliner. Go for a tiny line on the upper and lower lash lines. Complete the look with black mascara. Skip applying shadow in a bold color, as you may end up with an arrogant look.   

2.  Cat Eye Makeup

The cat eye makeup is popular among women. However, this eyeliner type is recommendable for glass wearers. Create a thick line on your upper lash line and go for lash curling. Apply mascara in several coats on your lashes. To create a fabulous effect, opt for a waterproof version of liquid liner, which doesn’t smudge, as well.  

3.  Apply Foundation Carefully

Foundation is an indispensable part of your makeup. However, glass wearers should be very attentive when swiping it on the nose bridge area and cheeks. You may fix the mistakes with powder, as well.   

4.  Apply Moisturizer and Concealer

Each woman wearing glasses is well aware of the unpleasant red spots on the nose bridge area. But considering this makeup tip, you will immediately fix this problem. Just use a moisturizing product and concealer to skip this possible date-spoiler. Apply the same products under the eyes to skip the hollow look that happens to glass wearers.  

5.  The Color of Eye Shadow

Eye shadow is crucial mostly for glass wearers. Applying excess eye makeup, you will get a ridiculous look. It’s essential to opt for nude shades and skip bold hues. Apply beige and brown shades and try pinks, as well.  

6.  Apply Mascara

Mascara is essential for glass wearers. Opt for thickening mascara for your lashes. For a dramatic touch, spread it on your bottom lash line, too and get a wing touch.

7.  Apply Waterproof Mascara

Be very attentive when opting for your mascara, as some of them may leave stains on the glass frames. Experiment with mascara with waterproof formula that will fight against smudges.    

8.  Opt for Eyelash Curler

Each glass wearer should have an eyelash curler in her makeup kit. They will emphasize your lashes and prevent them from touching the glass, which quite irritating. Thus, curl your lashes and then go for mascara.  

9.  Sparkling Eyes

Dead and lifeless eyeliner shave no place for glass wearers. To create outstanding eyes, the glass wearers should opt for another makeup tip and go for eyeliner in glittery blue and plump shades. Thus, experiment with dazzling shades for a glowy look.

Makeup Tips for Glass Wearers

10.  Eyebrow Shaping

Glass wearers shouldn’t ignore their eyebrows. Though your brows may be invisible behind the frames, you should shape them properly. Add a little color to the brows and go for shaping with the help of a brush, creating a pulled together look.

11.  Create Outstanding Lips

As you probably choose a neutral shade for your eyes, you should make your lips stand out. Keep the bold lipsticks for your lips. Imagine how attractive you will look by teaming the black frames with a deep red shade. Options are infinite. You may also create a casual look by applying pink lipstick.  

12.  Team the Thickness of Your Eyeliner with that of the Frame

Like in case of matching clothes, you should do the same with the frame and the eyeliner in order to create an eccentric look. When pulling off thin frames, your eyeliner should also be thin, if you don’t want your eyes to look haughty. The same refers to the thick frames. Opt for thick eyeliner, if your glass frames are also thick.  

13.  Match the Color of Your Eyes with that of the Frames

Like pink toned shirt never looks stylish with red shorts, the blue frames don’t go perfectly with yellow eye shadow. Thus, make sure the color of your frame looks stunning with that of your eye makeup. For instance team your violet toned frames with violet liner, teamed with brown shadow for a polished appearance.

14.  Apply Blush

Glass wearers have a great chance to emphasize your cheeks. To make them pop, apply blush and this makeup tip will help your look self-confident and elegant.

15.  Opt for a Natural Look

One of the great benefits of glass wearing is that you may leave your eyes without any makeup. The natural look is so pretty behind the frames. Moreover, if you apply too much makeup on your eyes, you will get even a worse look. Try to show your best features and make them glow behind the gorgeous glasses.      

Thus, the makeup tips and tricks for glass wearers require applying neutral shades and skipping too much eyeshadow. Don’t forget about frame matching and consider the colors. To sum up, following all these crucial makeup tips, you will spice up you appealing look.

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