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25 Makeup Tips for Beginners

When applying your makeup for the first time, it may be extremely difficult. There exist so many options and methods of creating makeup that in case of not being attentive, you will look ridiculous and be far from a glamorous woman. Below, we have picked 25 makeup tips, which will be great for beginners.

Makeup Tips for Beginners

1.  Find out Your Complexion

When deciding your makeup type, you had better consider your natural face color. Olive skin-toned women should create makeup in various tones than women having a fair complexion. You should consider the type of your skin, as well. There are various makeup looks for oily and dry skin types. Acne prone skins, as well as ones with freckles and pigmentation require various makeup types.    

2.  Don’t Forget about Moisturizer

Moisturizing is one of the most essential steps in your makeup routine. Swiping it in an ascending direction will help you stay away from fine lines and will prevent your skin from sagging. Dehydrated skin becomes more sensitive to damage and it’s repaired with a great difficulty. Without depending on your skin type, include moisturizer in your makeup routine. Spend a little time and get the right type of moisturizer for any skin type. Don’t forget about SPF to protect your skin from the dangerous sun rays. When applying moisturizing product, which is great for your skin type, your skin will become healthy and supple.

3.  Applying Primer

Applying primer before your foundation is one of the makeup tips for beginners. It creates an ideal boundary between your makeup and skin, making it healthy. It prevents the talcum powder from soaking the moisture from the skin. Primers are high in botanicals with soothing features to make your skin look fresh. Another magical quality of primer is that it prevents your makeup from creasing even in warm season.    

4.  Choose Right Makeup Colors

Opting for the right makeup tone is quite important to improve your gorgeous beauty. Test them and opt for samples before purchasing a certain shade. For instance, the foundation in the bottle differs in its color from that on the skin. To skip making a makeup mistake, check the color on your neck beforehand. It will help you purchase the right color, as the tone of the neck is the same as your complexion. You are recommended choosing the lighter color for cold days and keep the darker hue for hot days.

Choose Right Makeup Colors

5.  Choose Powder or Liquid Foundation

Compared with moisturizer, when using your powder foundation, you had better carry out downward movements. The product is perfectly blended in your neck skin and diminishes any fuzz. Liquid type of foundation creates a fabulous base for makeup. You may achieve a light coverage or go for a full one, which can conceal all the imperfections. Powder foundation prepares a matte base for your makeup. It is proved that liquid foundation is recommendable for women with dry skin, while powder is great for oily skin types.     

6.  Apply Bronzer

When creating your makeup, don’t forget about bronzer, as it’s one of the makeup tips essential for beginners. When applied in the wrong way, you may get an orange look. First, get the right tone for your skin. The perfect bronzer will be several tones darker compared with your complexion. It will help you get an ideal sun-kissed appearance just by applying bronzer on the cheekbones, as well as on the forehead.     

7.  Apply Blush

Being a beginner, it’s crucial to be attentive when applying blush. After getting the right tone for your complexion, apply it on the cheek apples as well as along the hairline. Be careful not to over-use the blush.    

Makeup Tips for Beginners

8.  Apply Concealer

Concealer is a magical product to hide zits and diminish the dark circles. It is an ideal way to make your exhausted face look brighter. When finding the right concealer type, you should be aware of the problem you would like to hide. Concealer in a yellow and deep green shade will fight against skin discoloration. But if you want to combat dark circles, opt for a concealer in 1-2 tones darker than your face color. For the product setting, top it with powder foundation or go for a liquid one.

9.  Apply Mascara

Mascara may be your tool to define and emphasize your beautiful eyes. Mascara will elongate your lashes make them darker in shade and thicker in texture. There exist volume-enhancing and lengthening mascara types, as well as their combination. Swipe mascara on your upper and lower lashes and skip clumping by waiting for several minutes. Waterproof mascara is a great option, if you go out in rainy or windy weather.

10.  Apply Eyeliner

To bring your eyes to an ideal shape, go for eyeliner. To create a classic vibe, apply black eyeliner. To get a dramatic touch, apply a bright jewel shade. To enlarge your eyes, swipe white eyeliner along the waterline. Another makeup tip requires applying powder under the liner to prevent its smudging.  

11.  Apply Eye Shadow

Eye shadow carries the responsibility of emphasizing the color of your eyes or enjoying various looks. They are outstanding and may be the focal point of your makeup. In case you desire to highlight the color of your eyes, opt for a shade that goes ideally with them. Blue eyed women should try peach shades or warm brown colors. Orange and purple shadows are fabulous for green-toned eyes. Brown-eyed women may experiment with any shadow.  

Makeup Tips for Beginners

12.  Choose the Right Lipstick Shade

Your chosen lipstick shade may create a statement look when complementing to your skin tone. For instance, women with olive skins should opt for blue-undertoned lipsticks, while golden skins will look amazing with lipsticks having warm undertones. Lipsticks with orange undertones look ideal with fair skin tones. Berry shades work fabulous with dark complexions.    

13.  Apply Lip Gloss

Lip gloss may substitute a lipstick and may equally make your lips stand out. Gloss is also known with its versatility and may appear in clear or colorful options. They are able to add a glamorous touch to your lips. You may even top your favorite lipstick with a lip gloss to create a dramatic vibe.   

14.  Don’t Ignore Your Neck

When creating your makeup, don’t ignore your neck. It’s crucial to blend the products on your neck to skip having visible lines. Moreover, the neck has a tendency to be brighter and you have to apply color to complement to your face. This makeup tip will help you skip having a cakey look.   

15.  Apply Finishing Powder

Finishing powder is one of the valuable and essential parts in your makeup. After using a liquid type of foundation, there is a need of finishing powder to set your makeup. It also diminishes the extra glow of your face. Another benefit of finishing powder is to make your makeup have a long life.     

16.  Shape Your Brows

Skip tweezing your brows unconsciously. It is one of the makeup mistakes that beginners are prone to make. In case of trying to bring your bushy brows into shape, you may end up with a surprised look. Now natural brow shapes are more appreciated, so consider the shape of your face and then fill in your brows or go for definition.     

Makeup Tips for Beginners

17.  Apply Lip Liner

To create sweet and seductive lips is to apply lip liner a bit out of the natural form. Be careful not to overpass, otherwise you will resemble a clown. If done properly, it is an ideal method to achieve a dramatic look in a soft way.   

18.  Go for Contouring and Highlighting

Though beginners may have a difficulty in contouring and highlighting, it’s an essential makeup tip to opt for. This art requires a bit patience and skill, as it may drastically change your face.  

19.  Create Winged Eyeliner

To create stunning winged eyeliner, go for a scotch tape and place it in a diagonal direction from your eye edge. It may serve you like a stencil and will help you create precise lines and prevent smudging of eye shadow. In this way, you will embrace a professional eye makeup.   

20.  Diminish the Bags Under Your Eyes

Bags under the eyes as well as shadows may be plague. It’s not easy to hide them may usually be a reason of aging and rest deprivation. The best way to fight against it is to sleep for about 8 hours. Then put a cold item on your lids such as slices of cucumber, tea bags in a cold state or a spoon.  

21.  Skip Clumpy Mascara

In case mascara is an indivisible part of your makeup, then you should know that it may become clumpy. You may use your mascara for 3-4 months and then you should change it, which is right from the sanitary point of view. Prevent your mascara from getting dry and skip wand pumping, as it may be a reason of clumping. In case you deal with dry mascara, opt for Visine and mix 1-2 drops with your makeup product. It has a softening feature and will make your clumpy mascara become smoother.    

22.  Exfoliate Lips

One of the makeup tips requires going for lip exfoliation to create a perfect base for your lipstick. Make your lips attractive by getting rid of dead skin cells, mostly in cold season when you face cracked lips. Carry out exfoliation at least once weekly if you want to get healthy lips. To do it, blend sugar with honey and apply this scrub on your lips.   

Exfoliate Lips

23.  Make Your Eyes Look Larger

Larger looking eyes are considered pretty and gorgeous. Without any doubt they are attractive and attention-grasping. There are several makeup tips for beginners to achieve large eyes. The best way is using shadow to highlight your eyes. Apply bright tones at the internal edges, the middle part of your eyelid and underneath your brow bone.    

24.  Keep Your Shadow Blazing

A fabulous way to make your blazing eye shadow stand out is to provide them with a fantastic base in a bright color. Apply white eyeliner not only along the lash lines but on the lid, as well. This makeup tip will give a bare canvas, which will let your shadow pop.   

25.  Curl Your Lashes

To make your eyes look dramatic and your lashes longer, go for lash curling. Curl from the base and wait for 10 seconds before removing the lash curler. Carry out the following trick: heat your tool using a blow dryer for several seconds and then apply it. You will get the same result as in the case of a curling iron.   

Curl Your Lashes

We hope you learnt the essence of these makeup tips for beginners. Consider that makeup expresses your personality and try to create it in a perfect way, which will make you look beautiful, boosting your self-assurance, as well. Be tricky with shades and styles, showing your creative side.


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