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3 Ways to Use Lime for Hair Care

Lime was universally used in the daily life but it was until it became deficit in 2014. Lime was used to take care of hair but soon it became impossible to get even one lime, as it went into crisis. A number of events gave rise to a lack of lime and the Americans had to import it from Mexico and surely mojitos suffered greatly.

We should admit that tasty citrus fruits are beneficial not only for our skin but for hair, as well, as their juice as well as skin is high in nutrients. Thus, you had better stock all the garnishes of lime on your beverages to tighten your skin as well as hair.

Ways to Use Lime for Hair Care

Probably, you are aware that lime is high in vitamin C and healthy minerals, such as calcium and iron, as well as copper, which are all essential for your body. Limes will add an eternal glow to your dead skin, fighting against dark spots and blemishes. In case you want to make your dark spots lighter, apply the juice of lime. If you want to deal with several spots, create a base with honey or go for baking soda to neutralize acidity. Don’t forget to use a moisturizer after the application of lime on your face. Thus, have a look at these 3 ways to use lime for hair care.

1.  Lime Gives Shine to Your Hair and Stimulates Growth

To get glowy tresses, mix lime juice (a tablespoon) and manuka honey together with lager and apply the paste on your wet locks. Go for gentle massaging and for 10 minutes to let the treatment do its job. Then you may wash your hair. Finally, your hair will be stronger and shinier, nourished with Vitamin C, as well.   

2.  Lime Will Make Your Hair Straighter

Lime is known for its hair straightening feature, which will aid you get loose waves from your ringlets. To prepare this fabulous recipe, blend coconut oil (2 cups) and lime (1) with arrowroot powder (2 tablespoons) and coconut oil (2 tablespoons). Place the mixture on the stove and go for heating and let it stay during the whole night. Then apply it on all your tresses with your fingers and wait for an hour. This recipe is ideal when cooperated with heat, so you had better opt for a steam treatment or go for a hair dryer.

3.  Lime Will Lighten Your Hair

Citrus is eminent with its lightening feature, which requires having brown tresses to achieve noticeable results. Lime has much in common with lemon and may lighten your hair if used straight on your locks. Mix the juice of the lime with water and put it in a spray bottle. Apply it on your hair before sleeping and your hair will become lighter due to its acidity. This hack is ideal on dirty hair, adding highlights to your locks, as well.

Thus, when caring for your hair with lime, you may be less careful. Lime may be used as a conditioner for your hair, being high in antiseptic qualities, as well. Lime is ideal for those who want to make their bangs grow and fight against breakage. These 3 ways of using lime will be your key to lustrous hair.

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