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4 on the Floor – 3 Jars (90 Servings)

Live It. Love It. Share It. Non-GMO,Gluten Free,Vegan.Caffeine Free Powerful Greens,Herbs,Mushrooms,& Spices.NOTHING ARTIFICIAL,NO PRESERVATIVES…JUST PURE ROCKIN’! Unbelievably Tasty Healthy Caffeine Free Energy with Life Changing Ingredients!Wheat Grass,Astragalus,Astragalus Extract,Peppermint,Cinnamon,Milk Thistle,Roobios,Turmeric,Curcumin (Turmeric Extract),Chaga,Ginger,Eleuthero,Panax Ginseng,Cordyceps,Lemon Peel,Dulse,Dandelion,Maitake Mushroom,MSM,Reishi Mushroom,Shiitake Mushroom,Chorella,Spirulina,Japanese Knotweed (resveratrol),Cayenne,Aloe Vera,Lion’s Mane MushroomPrice:  $    Read More and Buy it here!

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