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5 Basic Style Do’s and Don’ts

Fashion can be one tricky beast. You could have been feeling great about your outfit when you left the house. Only to find out later on that you made the front page of fashion police. And it’s not for being chic and trendy.

Don’t fret too much, though. Here’s a quick guide so you don’t have to break the rules.

1. Do wear the skirt.

You’ve heard that old saying before. If you have a choice between wearing trousers or skirts, choose the skirt. But is that still true today?
Experts weigh in and say… “Yes!” According to Before You Put That On author Lloyd Boston, “In this age of metrosexual men, sometimes the only thing that separates you from the guys is the power to put on a skirt.”

It’s also easier to find a flattering skirt. Pants require consideration of the hip width, rise, legs and how well it looks on your booty. None of which is too much of a problem with a skirt.

2. Do wear socks that give a nod to your pants.

Wearing socks that match is an outdated notion. These days, it’s not so much as going matchy-matchy as much as playing around and mixing things up.
Or, if you want to listen to designer Dana Buchanan, just nix the socks altogether. “It’s hosiery or nothing at all.”

3. Do follow trends

Not everything that’s hot and happening will look great on you. So be careful what you follow. If you really can’t help yourself and you have to be as in as you can be, then find elements of the trend that can work for you instead of going with the pack.

Stylist Rachel Zoe has this to say. “You have to interpret what’s hot and make it work on yourself.” Her example? Tweed suits. If you’re not a suit kind of person, then you can still rock the look by mixing the jacket with sneakers, for one.

Skinny jeans are back. What do you do if you’re not a fan? Zoe only wears them with thigh-high boots because her legs look really short.

4. Do wear pants in the right length.

Pants should always skim the ground a quarter of an inch above the bottom of your foot! That’s the only pants rule that matters. Never get caught wearing pants that are too short. Unless of course they’re styled to be cropped at ankle length.

5. Don’t mix hardware.

This is another Rachel Zoe staple. If your bag has silver metal, then your jacket, belt and shoes should have the same metal color. Don’t make the mistake of mixing it up with gold or bronze.
Fashion is big enough to be open to interpretation and lots and lots of creativity. But even the most die-hard of fashionistas have basic style rules to follow. Hopefully, the above set you on the right course.

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