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5 Maxi Dress Styles You can Wear to a Wedding

Can you wear a maxi dress to a wedding? The answer? A resounding yes, of course. There’s no doubt about it. When you can’t find an outfit to wear for a wedding at the last minute, try on a maxi dress and you’re good to go. But, hold on just a minute. Not all types of maxi dresses fit the occasion.

Here are some maxi dress styles that you can wear appropriately to a wedding:

Embellish with a Belt

A maxi dress comes in complete. You don’t have to do much to wear them properly. But you can embellish with accessories to spruce your look up. Wear a belt instead. Belts have a way to complement a maxi dress and sometimes make the look entirely. A formal accessory like a gold belt would transform the maxi dress into a gown. It almost becomes an outfit that’s red carpet ready.

Black and Sleeved

An A-line maxi dress would be perfect to wear for this occasion. It’s formal and creates a flattering silhouette to any body type. But you have to be picky with the neckline. Don’t pick a maxi dress that has a low neckline because a wedding isn’t the time or place to show off frontal assets. Also, long sleeves would look elegant and classy on a maxi dress which is perfect for the occasion.

Belle of the Ball

Some styles almost look like ball gowns with their low cut backs and shiny materials. Silk would be a perfect material for a maxi dress because it creates a perfect hemline. Satins would also have the same effect. If you can find materials such as these on a maxi dress, it would be perfect for a wedding. The best part is any color would work on this.

Make the Dress Work

The key to a perfect maxi dress for a wedding isn’t in the design or the material of the dress. It’s in the fit. A maxi dress would look good on any body type so long as it’s tailored to your size. If you know you don’t have the height, cut a little bit on the hemlines. Otherwise, you’d be swimming on a sea of fabric.

You don’t have to be a supermodel to pull off a maxi dress. But it’s important to know which type would fit your body especially if you plan on wearing one to a wedding. Mind your colors and your patterns. If you can’t determine which particular style to wear, keep your maxi dress simple and just make up for it with accessories. After all, less is more.

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