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5 Tips to Make Your Hair Shine Brighter

Your hair has lost its gorgeous glow, and looks dull and dead. You wonder what can be done to correct this mistake and retain the shine and health of your tresses. The experts have worked much to provide you with these effective tips to make hair shine brighter.

1.  Stay Away from Towel Drying

You are strongly prohibited to towel dry your tresses, if you want to make your hair shine brighter, as it will remove all the moisture from your locks, giving rise to frizz, as well. Instead, you had better twist your tresses and dry them by squeezing.  

Tips to Make Your Hair Shine Brighter

2.  Carry out a Perfect Brush Routine

Applying a brush with boar bristles is one of the effective and fabulous methods to make your tresses shine brighter. The soft bristles have a cuticle smoothing feature, making the light reflection more effortless for it. If you consider that you have accomplished with the routine of brushing, find several extra minutes and make your hair smooth with the help of a round brush to boost up the shine of your hair.     

3.  Provide Your Curly Tresses with TLC

Straight tresses have more power to reflect light than curly locks, due to their smooth surface. Curly tresses have a tendency to soak more light than reflected, thus there is a need of high maintenance to make your hair shine brighter. You are advised to wait until your tresses become completely dry and only after it you may opt for a shine spray.    

4.  Use Heat to Dry Your Hair

For the final glow, make your hair dry, using heat and then go for nozzling until you get a smooth finish. Then coat your hair with serum. First, apply it on the palms of your hands and then use on your tresses. This tip will prevent you from overusing the product and giving your hair a greasy touch.   

5.  Make an Appointment with a Hairstylist

If you want your tresses get shine faster, you had better make an appointment with an experienced hairstylist. The shine treatment will take you only 20 minutes but it’s essential to know that this process is considered partially permanent. It gives your hair an immediate lip gloss glow. Opting for this amazing treatment at the salon, your hair will be provided with a deep condition, making your locks become silky and shine brighter. If you are prone to carry out the shine treatment at home, you may go for special products and use them once a week when you don’t shampoo or condition your locks.

It is not an unreal dream to make your hair shine brighter, if you only consider these easy and safe tips.


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