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7 Leg and Butt Exercises to Prep for Spring

Looking for exercising tips for your legs and your tights? Well guess what! You are in the right place at the right time! Grab a comfortable seat and get ready to take some useful notes that will lead you to the desired effects. Here are 7 easy and effective leg and butt exercises for you to get your body ready for the upcoming warm days!

7 Leg and Butt Exercises to Prep for Spring


Squats are always a good idea! Squats can do miracles when it comes to exercising legs and lower part of the body generally. To achieve the desired effects, you need to do 3 sets of 18 squats 3 days a week. This is an effective exercising tip that’s worth your time and effort.

Squat Hold

The best exercising activity that you can do! The performing of a 2-minute squat hold on a daily basis will help you to transform your body shape and develop your muscles on the needed areas. Dedicate some of your precious time to this activity and soon you’ll enjoy the desired effects.

Jump Squats

Jump squats are easy and do not require too much time. You can either perform this exercise at home or even outdoors if the weather allows you to do so. Jump squats are among the most effective exercising ideas for legs and butt. So why not add them to your workout routine?


Lunges are something you can do anytime anytime! By performing this exercise you’ll help to develop the muscles on that area and shape your butt. Trust us the results are totally worth it,

Jump Lunges

This is a great exercise for you if you want to burn fat and tone your legs. So include jump lunges in your workout routine and aid your exercising program. Now you can achieve the desired effects without spending time or money! How cool is that?

Leg Lifts

Perform leg lifts whenever you get some free time and enjoy combining joy and benefit.

High Knees

Perform this exercise for about 2 minutes, rest and repeat for 5 times more. For better effects we suggest combining this easy workout tip with a 20-minute run or bike ride. Also swimming wouldn’t harm either. It’s up to you.

Now that you know the basics it is time to plan an effective exercising routine in order to achieve your goal and have the legs and the butt that you always wanted to have!

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