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7 Ways to Stop Static Hair

Aside from the outfit there are also two other components that play an important role for a look. These are hairstyle and makeup style. This time we would like to focus your attention on some hair styling tricks presented by our trust-worthy stylists. This topic refers particularly to those of you who are dealing with static hair. Well ladies, guess what! Surely it is possible to stop static hair! Wondering how’s that possible? Grab a comfortable seat and get ready to take some useful notes!

Ways to Stop Static Hair

Switch the Humidifier on at Night

Yes, now you can let the humidifier do the whole work while you’re enjoying your sleep! To achieve the desired effects you’ll just need to sleep with a humidifier on. Easy with guaranteed results, what else do we need?

Opt for a Silicone-based Conditioner

If you apply a silicone-based conditioner instead of regular one you’ll allow the product to coat your hair strands and neutralize the electric charge that causes static.

Apply a Hairspray to your Comb

Spritz a bit of hairspray right onto your comb before brushing through your damp hair and see the difference! With a little bit of hairspray on your comb you’ll prevent your hair from getting static once it dries.

Use a Metal Comb

It is a proven fact that hairbrushes add a lot more volume than you need. Metal combs, on the other hand, have the exact opposite effect. Combs made of plastic aren’t recommended either as these also can contribute to causing static while metal combs are the best option to go for. Moreover, according to experts of the field metal combs actually reduce the amount of static in hair. So no wonder why metal combs are considered the most effective in this case.

Use an Ionic Dryer Instead of a Regular One

It has been proven that ionic dryers help to reduce static of the hair by neutralizing the electric charge and that’s not all! Ionic dryers are also well-known for drying hair in a shorter amount of time than regular ones. So you there are two reasons why you should go for this option.

Use Frizz Control Spray

Anti-frizz spray will help you to keep everything under control. Few spritzes and a flawless look is guaranteed! So why not go for it?

Run a Dryer Sheet along your Hair

You might think it’s just too weird but if you just give it a try you’ll see that we’re actually being reasonable.


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