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7 Ways to Update a Bob Hairstyle

You are all familiar to the contrary phase with your tresses where you don’t show any interest in trimming them, but you desire to create a remarkably various look. This situation is mostly proper to bob hairstyles. If opting for a bold pixie or purchasing extensions makes you create a monotonous look, you may experiment with numerous styling versions and tiny trimming techniques to update your bob hairstyle without touching the length.

1.  Add Blunt Bangs

In case you wear a blunt bob hairstyle, try to add a modern touch to it and trim chic bangs, grazing your brows. While there may be a necessity of management, the right length gives you a possibility of bringing them back and creating a grown out look.

Ways to Update a Bob Hairstyle

2.  False Bangs Adjusted with Pins

We want to claim that bobby pins are totally undervalued. Achieve a false fringe without going for real trimming by creating a side part with your tresses. Bringing them on the forehead, adjust them using a bobby pin or a gorgeous barrette. The pins will act as a chic accessory for your hair.

Ways to Update a Bob Hairstyle

3.  Wear a Thick Headband

Use the workout headband for another purpose, as well, and wear it at daytime to bring your super straight bob hairstyle back and to open your face. This hairstyle is perfect for taking your bangs aside from your face. Put your headband directly at the hairline and make sure to achieve a sleek look without flyaways, getting rid of static, as well.

Ways to Update a Bob Hairstyle

4.  Create a Side Section

It may seem unbelievable but transforming your part will update your hairstyle and it will seem like you wear another haircut. When flipping your hair into various directions, your hairstyle gets texture and angles. There is also created an impression like you rock layers. Opt for a middle section with your bob hairstyle, touching your chin, and add texture at the edges.

Ways to Update a Bob Hairstyle

5.  Wear a Bob with Pinned Curls

Never stick to the idea that you can do nothing with your bob hairstyle. You may update it by creating pinned curls, inspired by the 20s, starting from your ear direction and going all over your head. Leave the rest of your tresses in the natural texture and make smooth, letting the curls stand out. After unpinning the curls, you will enjoy your beachy wavy bob hairstyle.

Ways to Update a Bob Hairstyle

6.  Create Textured Waves

Don’t put aside your hot rollers. Create a side section with your bob hairstyle and apply rollers. You should leave them for half an hour to get the desire effect, so be reasonable with your time. After removing them, apply a flexible spray to make your style in place. It’s admiring to pull off striking earrings or opting for an ear cuff.

Ways to Update a Bob Hairstyle

7.  Create Disheveled Waves

Disheveled waves aid you update your bob hairstyle. You may get this style at home if only you have a curling tool and a special spray, protecting against heat, at your hand. After the curling process, use your fingers to divide the curly locks. Complete the look with a hairspray or add extra texture with a salt spray.

Ways to Update a Bob Hairstyle

You don’t have to use extensions to update your bob hairstyle, when there are efficient ways to take your inspiration from.


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