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9 Foundation Mistakes That Lead to Cakey Looks

Ok girls let’s admit that we’re all obsessed with our foundation. However it takes time and patience to find the perfect product. Especially if you don’t have that much experience finding the right foundation seems to be very tricky. Now the most important thing that you need to know in this case is which shade and undertone works the best with your skin tone. Although that’s the first thing that you need to know there are also some common foundation mistakes that you need to be aware of in order not to spoil a look. Wondering what’s all about? Take a look!

Foundation Mistakes That Lead to Cakey Looks

Not Testing the Shades Properly

If you’re testing the shade only on the inside of your wrist you’re doing it the wrong way. The only way to tell whether your foundation is the right one for your skin type is to test it on your face. To ensure you’re testing the shades properly apply it along your jaw, around your nose, and under your eyes to see how it’ll look.

You’ve Chosen the Wrong Undertone

One of the most important things that you need to know is whether warm-toned, neutral or cool-toned. Foundations do have undertones. So if the undertone of a foundation does not match with your skin it’s better to avoid wearing it as it might lead to having a cakey look.

Not Wearing a Primer

Ok girls if you want to get smooth effects, you need to keep in mind that a moisturizer is a must. So whether you decide to go for a light moisturizer or you finally stick with a BB cream it will work as the results will be a lot better than in all other cases.

Using the Wrong Formula

You definitely need to consider your skin type before you rush to own a foundation. For example for oily skin matte formulas would be just perfect while for a dry skin dewy-finish formulas would be ideal.

Not Using the Right Tools

Each type of foundation requires a different method of application. To find out which are the best makeup tools for a foundation you just need to check out the package as it’s usually written on.

Not Using the Sponge The Right Way

It may sound weird but trust us there is a specific way of using the sponge. To achieve the desired smooth effects, first of all you need to wet the sponge, then squeeze out the excess water and only after use it to apply the foundation.

Not Applying on the Neck

This is one of the most common foundation mistakes. Not applying foundation on the neck means running a risk of looking artificial. So you definitely need to  to drag some product down your neck in order to get more natural effects.

Applying Foundation Over Concealer

You always need to apply the foundation first as that way you allow the concealer to set and fully absorb.

Buffing your Setting Powder

Not only you’re ruining the natural looking smooth effects that you’ve been working on so far but also you’re running a risk of even removing some of the foundation. So to add the perfect finish touch to your look you just need to press in your setting powder with your brush or puff instead of making buffing motions.


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