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A portrait of Larry David made from emojis – stylewatch

Burning question: how do you visualise Larry David using the medium of emojis? Cows, clouds and running vests, of course. At least according to Yung Jake, an artist-turned-rapper who was “born on the Internet in 2011” according to a press release. He communicates with the press via text message and has gone viral thanks to his pop-culture emoji art.

Jake turned to music “due to frustrations with the art world’s inability to avoid talking about race” but owing to a preoccupation with technology, dabbles in all three. This Tumblr features various, disparate icons of popular culture – Jerry Seinfield, Kim Kardashian, Wiz Khalifa and Miley Cyrus – realised through carefully picked emojis (meta) on this clever site. We’re going big on Larry David, however, if only because his jacket is made out of Royal Guards. And because it’s a little classier than the poo shirt.

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