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Alice Fisher on style: new year, new wardrobe

So new year, new you, right? Yeah, me neither. I’ve not been for a jog since 1998, I’m not following the Mediterranean diet, and there’s no way I’m going dry for January. I’m hopeless with resolutions. I think that’s one of the reasons I like fashion. Designers think about how to move things on, to reinvigorate and reinvent, so I don’t have to.

But flicking through look books and browsing high street ranges, I feel pretty excited. I may have come through the new year without even attempting self-improvement, but looking at the new fashion season I’m thinking about lazy, superficial ways I can change.

My first promise is to stop wearing jeans all the time while staying devoted to denim. It’s a massive fabric trend for spring. There are some beautiful denim dresses and shirts around but I’ve got my eye on culottes. These floppy trousers were also a key catwalk look. So denim culottes would be two trends in one easy peasy purchase. Try these from HM. They’re cheap so if, like me, you have a suspicion culottes will make you look dumpy, you won’t be too out of pocket. If you can’t face it – don’t worry. Trouser suits are going to be big, too. I mean as a trend, not literally.

I’m also determined to lose my fear of white. This colour is going to rule the world from here until June. I’m terrified. Whenever I see a white shirt I instantly imagine spilling coffee down it. I’m sure this is against the principles of mindfulness (whatever that is) and I should get over it and just buy one. And possibly some bleach. There’s a weird silhouette thing going on this spring – loads of tunics and overlong shirts – so if you buy a white shirt, too, make sure it reaches pretty much to your knees.

The military influence that shaped the winter is in the new collections, but for summer it’s more nautical. The combination of red, white and navy blue makes me very happy, particularly sailor stripes. So my resolve is to buy but not overinvest. I already have drawers full of stripes.

There’s good news for commuters, mothers and anyone else with nerve endings in their feet: shoes are pretty much all comfortably low heeled or flat. Though I’ll be cross with myself if I don’t buy at least one pair of kitten heels to break up the monotony.

Finally, in these early grim months of the year I will try and remember to have fun. I’m rubbish at accessories, and that’s where most of the real fun lies. I didn’t do last season’s novelty bags, and looking at this season’s statement cuff bracelets and colourful mini-bags, I feel enervated. I think I’m going to cave in and get a silly iPhone case. Putting my mobile in a Moschino Barbie case should take the sting out of the constant stream of work emails. And at least I’ll be able to find the thing in my massive, untrendy bag.

Are you feeling excited yet? I hope so. New year, new clothes. That’s my kind of motto.

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