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All the Steps You Need to Take When Seeing A Pimple

It’s the Murphy’s Law: Anything that can possibly go wrong will go wrong. So even if you were planning to go to a big date or a significant event that’s very important for you might get into this situation: a look on the mirror and… OMG, a pimple! Yes, it’s really brutal but it is a fact. Now our immediate reaction after panicking is rushing to eliminate that difficult problem as soon as possible. Ok girls do it smartly and don’t just squeeze your pimple! At first make sure that your hands are clean. Any little mistake can make it more aggressive. Afterwards it will be too difficult to do something with it. So, check out the best ways to get rid of a pimple before you plan any action. Follow this pro advice.

All the Steps You Need to Take When Seeing A Pimple

Don’t Be Afraid and Don’t Panic

Panicking will lead you to mistakes, which can create a lot of other side effects that can cause damage and scare to your skin in the long run. Of course, panic is natural, but you should win your fear. Remember, everything’s going to be alright.

Assess the Situation

Of course a pimple is considered as a natural phenomenon. Now if you notice that it’s similar to the ones that you once had and left scarring or dark marks on, then you should definitely contact your dermatologist!  It can be really a big problem. Besides it’s the fastest and most effective way to resolve a pimple.

Keep Your Face Clean

The best way to avoid annoying pimples is by frequently washing your face. Wash your skin with a cleanser every morning and night and forget about that skin issue. Only that way you will let your skin respire and keep it blemish-free.

Compress and Ice

Ice and compresses also reduce pimple size and duration. You can make your compress with green tea and ice. It’ll reduce the redness and the pain. Besides it’ll also reduce the inflammation for acne bacteria. So follow this procedure and be sure you’re treating your pimples the way they need to be treated.

Continue Your Ritual

Keep in mind, this problem can’t be solved at once. This action takes about 6-8 weeks to lead to a noticeable result. So, you shouldn’t give up. Continue your anti-acne skin care routine without taking any breaks. If you stop or change your skin care regime, soon you might see a lot of new pimples.

Be Careful

Make sure your hands are perfectly clean when you touch your face. Also be careful with any object that can possibly touch your face. It can be your telephone, your hands or even your hair. Avoid all the dirty things that can transfer the bacteria and irritate your skin. Take care of your skin and enjoy looking beautiful!


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