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Astroglide 2.5 oz

Treat yourself to the “glide” of silky smooth penetration. Just a tiny amount (no more than a half teaspoon) of this deluxe sex lube goes a long way! And even after hours of sex, add a drop or two of water to restore “instant” lubricity. Clear, odorless, flavorless and spermicide-free — the purest formula ever! Great with sex toys, condoms and super-slick anal and vaginal intercourse. 2.5 oz. bottle with handy glow-in-the-dark logo on the label.
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Second only to Nature.

Astroglide® enhances the comfort and ease of intimate activity and acts as a moisturizer for vaginal dryness.

  • Doctor Recommended.
  • Water-Based.
  • Water-Soluble.
  • Long Lasting.
  • Whisper-Light Lubrication.
  • Petroleum Free.
  • Condom Compatible.

Made in USA.

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