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Be fabulous online and see off trolls

Showing off is fun, right? Whether it be a boomeranged twirl in our favourite party outfit, or a ‘giraffe-lash’ fluttering close up, these mannerisms are part of modern self-expression on social media. To be fabulous is a part of life’s playground – one that’s now available to us all.

But it’s important to note the opposite. We are all at risk of riding a pendulum between elation and self-doubt. Beauty cyber bullying is something many of us living online have to navigate, regardless of fabulousness or profile.

Rimmel has just launched a campaign based on research by The Cybersmile Foundation that finds 115 million images were deleted from social media due to beauty cyber bullying last year, and that 46% of young women harm themselves with drugs, alcohol, self-harm or eating issues following being bullied online about their looks. Check out the response by searching the hashtag #iwillnotbedeleted.

For those dedicated to the ‘art of fabulous’, think of all the fun there is to be had with this Rimmel Ink Me Stamp Tattoos Pen – a nifty li’l stamp that you can put anywhere on your face or body. I’m thinking cheekbone stars for a night of moonwalking! Anyone up for joining me?

£4.99, rimmellondon.com

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