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Beauty: a hair thickener that works

I am given the hard sell on so many ludicrous-sounding ingredients (hear “Boswelox” and try to keep a straight face – I still can’t a decade later) that I’m almost disappointed if they turn out actually to work.

L’Oréal Elvive Fibrology shampoo, conditioner (£2.99 each) and serum (£6.99) contain “Filloxane”. The blurb is that this patented ingredient expands each hair cumulatively, by forming bonds with proteins in the hair shaft. It sounds like hokum, but is in fact the same technology that’s used by windscreen repairers when they inject gel into glass cracks to fill them.

My experience is that Fibrology certainly does make fine hair appear thicker. I noticed a distinct difference after one wash, an even greater one after three to four. It really, truly works.

If I have any negative feedback, it’s that Fibrology doesn’t leave my hair quite as soft and shiny as others. But on reflection, I think that may be of benefit, because anyone with fine hair will know that softness reads floppiness and that often makes matters worse, causing hair to fall flat before you’ve even put on your coat. It’s also no good for the naturally curly, because it contains sulfates. But for the fine and thinning, it’s my buy of the year so far.

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Percy Reed Wonder Balm, £18
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