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Beauty: bargain cover-ups for the New Year

It’s January, which means most of us are poor from present buying, haggard from partying and spotty after bingeing on Ferrero Rocher and Miniature Heroes. So it seems to me a good time to mention some bargainous skin cover-ups that you can buy with little associated guilt.

First up, Aldi Lacura Concealer Pen, previously discontinued but now back in store. To give credit where it’s due, this was thrust into my hand at a Glasgow book signing by two charming readers who felt convinced I’d love it. And they were right: even at £3.49, I really can’t see anywhere it’s outperformed by luxury brand versions. Coverage, as with all pens, is not its forte (it won’t hide a spot, for example), but it does have a lovely, creamy texture, very good light reflection on under-eye circles and great durability. I’m very impressed.

More coverage comes from L’Oreal Paris’ new True Match concealer crayons (£5.99). Now, I don’t think L’Oréal can justify the total absence of dark shades, especially in a franchise boasting its skin-matching capabilities, but I hope they’ll rectify it fast, because this really is a cracking product. Gorgeous, soft texture, good coverage in flattering yellowy shades, and a user-friendly twist-up crayon that requires neither brush nor sharpener. More inclusive is Maybelline’s very good Fit Me concealer (£5.99), which gives light but effective coverage on under-eye circles and mild blemishes (though it’s not ideal for very sensitive skins, I’ve discovered). Dark skins, meanwhile, can’t go far wrong with Sleek’s Hide It concealer (£3.49). The full coverage disguises broken veins and spots, though the lightest shade is still too dark for pale girls.

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