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Beauty: no makeup makeup

This past year has seen countless “makeup-free” selfies posted by celebrities on Twitter, culminating grandly this month in Vogue’s cover featuring Nigella Lawson wearing “just a touch of blush and mascara“.

Of course, in almost all cases, “makeup-free” celebrities are wearing plenty (last catwalk season, a makeup artist told me the “look” was “about real skin” before demonstrating how he’d achieved it with no fewer than a dozen products). I’m not entirely convinced this matters. It’s dishonest and somewhat vain, yes, but I don’t believe anyone buys these claims any more than they think the roast chicken pictured on the packaging became golden without a stylist first brushing it with Ronseal. When our culture has so few ideals of physical beauty, anything different is a start.

Here, I’m most definitely wearing makeup, just less than usual. The products are part of my real life arsenal, too. Clarins Instant Concealer (£21) to even patchiness; Bourjois cream blush in Rose Tender (£8) on cheeks; Rimmel Exaggerate lip liner in Eastend Snob (£3.99) smudged on to lips with balm; and Clinique Lash Power Feathering Mascara (£18). All are excellent at telling fibs.

Sali loves: Scar treatments

Decléor Prolagene Gel, £36
I’ve been recommending this for years because it really does work. Great for fading post-operative or acne scars, not so great under makeup, so use it at night.

Bio Oil, £4.49
I can’t say my numerous stretchmarks bother me, but I know heaps of women who say this was their saviour post-pregnancy. I’ve seen it give fantastic results over time with diligent use.

Vitamin E capsules, £4.55 for 100, Holland Barrett
Small facial scars are, I firmly believe, helped by Vitamin E gel. Prick a fresh capsule each night and squeeze out its innards. Massage firmly into the area.

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