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Breaking the Rule of Stripes: How to Defy Striped Outfits

Of all the fashion choices you can make in a day, wearing striped outfits would be the least one you think of. Why? There are hard fashion rules to follow when it comes to stripes. Sometimes defying those rules always end up in a fashion faux pas moment.

But alas, there’s a way out! There are ways to break the rules just a little to give you some freedom (or excuse) to wear those striped ensembles you bought thinking it would be the season for them. But here’s a clincher: There’s no right or wrong season to wear striped things. It’s a classic style but always worn with caution in mind.

Bend the Rules…Mix and Match with Abandon

Stripes can make for some intimidating outfits. That’s especially true with bold striped numbers that frankly reminds you of being a circus tent. However, with smart choices, stripes can be fashionable too. First, here’s a cardinal rule: Never mix stripes with prints. But you can mix and match different kinds of stripes. Provided you have the body for it, try wearing a big, horizontal stripe for your top and then smaller, vertical stripes on the lower half. To be specific, choose a blouse and skirt ensemble.

No Colorful Stripes Allowed

Stick to the classic appeal of the black and navy stripes. There are so many colorful choices out there but you mustn’t be distracted. Keep it simple. Besides, both the black and navy stripes don’t remind you of ubiquitous items such as the umpire’s uniform. Your best move is to keep one of each color – perhaps a black pinstriped pencil skirt and a short flowing dress for the navy one.

Think of the Basics

What do navy stripes remind you of? One sure thing comes to mind – nautical designs. And these are quite lovely when you’re smart about accessorizing with stripes. Always pair your navy stripes with plain white or red outfits. If you have a sweater on, wear a plain red skirt. Don’t just stick to the classic pairings of white with something else. But having the basic look down gives you something to base any look upon.
Going beyond the Neutral Look

No one ever said you can’t have enough striped knit tees, woven tops or sweaters. They look quite cool when paired with neutral pants and soft ballet shoes. Accessorize this with a bag that matches your shoes (always). You can go bold with stripes so long as you never forget what simplicity with abandon means – casual and yet very classy.

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