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Cheat Sheet on How to Dress to Look Thin: Laws of Visual Illusion

  1. Tight clothes make you look fatter?

The girl is very thin, but why she looks thinner in pleated skirts?


Optical illusion works:

Visual illusion


The spaces between A and B are the same, but it looks wider in A than in B. However, because the lines are thinner in A, the space in A appears wider than in B.

If you want to look leaner in pencil skirt, wear open hem style:


A narrow mouth pencil skirt really can make you look fatter.


  1. Same color in the upper and the lower body makes you look thinner


Everyone looks at this picture will notice the vertical alignment, it is because there is no visual obstacle in the vertical.

Visual illusion


Pair this loose white pant with a white top makes you look leaner. This is particularly important for petite girls.

white outfit

  1. You look bigger with your coat button fastened.


Just unbutton the coat, and you look and taller. What’s at play here?

Visual illusion

horizontal and vertical rectangles

Which of the two rectangles is longer? They are exactly the same shape. But people tend to consider A to be leaner slender because it’s vertical. The same rule applies to clothes.

This swimsuit utilizes this law of visual illusion by having horizontal stripes in the upper body and vertical stripes in lower body on the tummy part. And again, horizontal lines at the hip.

striped swimsuit

When wearing fur coat, it’s particularly important to unbutton it so you don’t look bloated.

how to wear fur coat

  1. Three quarters sleeves have a slimming effect?

three quarter sleeve

The girl in the right has the collar open and cuffs rolled up. Why this makes her look thinner than in the left?

Visual illusion


B and A are actually the same person. If some part is covered, the brain will only process the part that’s revealed. So, we must expose the body’s leanest parts.

Three quarter sleeve design expose the thin wrist while have the waist and thighs covered. That’s why the 60s’ “doll dress” has been so popular.

doll dressdoll coat


  1. Look taller

hat makes you look taller

Which one looks taller? The answer of course is the one on the right. Why a hat makes such a difference?

Visual illusion

prominent visual focus

The answer lies in prominent visual focus. Move your eyes upwards and it makes the short girl appear taller.

So, petite girls should be very carefully about wearing print skirts, especially long floral A shaped print skirts. Try below for the safe way to wear floral pattern.

floral top

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