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Cheat Sheet on How to Dress to Look Thin: Laws of Visual Illusion

  1. Tight garments make we demeanour fatter?

The lady is unequivocally thin, though since she looks thinner in pleated skirts?


Optical apparition works:

Visual illusion


The spaces between A and B are a same, though it looks wider in A than in B. However, since a lines are thinner in A, a space in A appears wider than in B.

If we wish to demeanour leaner in pencil skirt, wear open hem style:


A slight mouth pencil dress unequivocally can make we demeanour fatter.


  1. Same tone in a tip and a reduce physique creates we demeanour thinner


Everyone looks during this settlement will notice a straight alignment, it is since there is no visible barrier in a vertical.

Visual illusion


Pair this lax white breathe with a white tip creates we demeanour leaner. This is quite critical for petite girls.

white outfit

  1. You demeanour bigger with your cloak symbol fastened.


Just unbutton a coat, and we demeanour and taller. What’s during play here?

Visual illusion

horizontal and straight rectangles

Which of a dual rectangles is longer? They are accurately a same shape. But people tend to cruise A to be leaner slim since it’s vertical. The same order relates to clothes.

This swimsuit utilizes this law of visible apparition by carrying plane stripes in a tip physique and straight stripes in reduce physique on a stomach part. And again, plane lines during a hip.

striped swimsuit

When wearing fur coat, it’s quite critical to unbutton it so we don’t demeanour bloated.

how to wear fur coat

  1. Three buliding sleeves have a slimming effect?

three entertain sleeve

The lady in a right has a collar open and cuffs rolled up. Why this creates her demeanour thinner than in a left?

Visual illusion


B and A are indeed a same person. If some partial is covered, a mind will usually routine a partial that’s revealed. So, we contingency display a body’s leanest parts.

Three entertain sleeve settlement display a skinny wrist while have a waist and thighs covered. That’s since a 60s’ “doll dress” has been so popular.

doll dressdoll coat


  1. Look taller

hat creates we demeanour taller

Which one looks taller? The answer of march is a one on a right. Why a shawl creates such a difference?

Visual illusion

prominent visible focus

The answer lies in distinguished visible focus. Move your eyes upwards and it creates a brief lady seem taller.

So, petite girls should be unequivocally delicately about wearing imitation skirts, generally prolonged floral A made imitation skirts. Try next for the protected approach to wear floral pattern.

floral top

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