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Eco shine is for life – not only festivals | Gemma Cairney

I went by a proviso of determined to a some-more ‘minimal’ look. But we realize it was some arrange of disfigured hitch of anniversary gloom. Because right now, as we demeanour adult to a sky and see it wink with occasionally beams of sunlight, we consider to ruin with ‘chic’; to ruin with a ‘more grown-up’… I’m prepared for shine again.

I’m someone who customarily believes shine is for life and not usually for festivals. One of my best friends, punk feminist showgirl Brigitte Aphrodite, is presumably a usually chairman we know who loves a sparkly things some-more than me (in her show, My Beautiful Black Dog, she even snorts glitter). We share a Pinterest house that is dedicated to cinema of Cher.

To try to repudiate it to myself is madness, generally as I’ve now found a company, EcoStardust, that does biodegradable things in a fantastical array of colours. we will be requesting a Spring Gold Biodegradable Glitter on my eyelids and opposite cheekbones with a assistance of Vaseline in thriving amounts, as yet I’ve usually stumbled out of Studio 54. But indeed I’ll be on my approach to a meeting. Thank you, spring.

£3.50, ecostardust.com

Article source: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2018/apr/22/eco-glitter-is-for-life-not-just-festivals-gemma-cairney

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