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Either the Cribs are beyond retro or 2005 is in again

NME cover with The Cribs. April 2015 NME Photograph: NME

In part because Hey Scenesters! was released ten years ago this month, and in part because of the exquisite styling, it feels timely to draw your indie eyes to this NME cover of the Cribs, which remarkably, came out last week and not in 2005.

Aside from the fact that they are wearing Converse, the Wakefield trio, who first rolled out their magical wiry low-fi pop-punk more than a decade ago and have been tending to it on/off ever since, have managed to stay on trend for a decade. Which is startling since they’ve barely changed, suggesting the noughties are indeed back (something we hinted at last year).

To wit, this shoot in Brooklyn: Ryan, for one, still has greased curtains (in the vein of Bobby Gillespie) and a colour popped leather biker jacket, both a nod to Christopher Shannon SS15 if ever there was one. Equally Gary, centre, who has married Liam Hodges AW15 hair with some solid 1990s florals (see Topman Design and Native Youth’s SS15 collections, and the necklace, very Dolce Gabbana) and Ross, in navy, who has and always will look like Morrissey, remains magically unaltered. Compare and contrast to 2005 and, well, the colour schemes, dirty hair and nervous pouts are one and the same.

The Cribs in Holland in 2005. Photograph: Lex Van Rossen

The NME is having a tricky time. A recent report suggested sales had fallen below 15,000 in the second half of last year, its readers replaced by phantoms no longer willing to risk travel sickness on the Megabus to read the magazine. Which is a shame, because it turns out that its covers have terrifying fashion foresight.

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