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Fashion for all ages: hoods – in pictures

Sometimes a coat can look a bit too sharp, too ladylike. The best way to mess that line up, I find, is by adding a hood. It’s a cool sportswear element that makes your outdoor look all the more modern. It can come attached to the coat, as with this smart shiny number worn by Sylviane, or the sweet princess style Maddie is wearing with such aplomb. Otherwise, it’s all about layering: a hoodie under a blazer, as seen on Pam. Or bring a bit of 90s into the mix. Sam’s Adidas zip-up top under a knee-length coat should bring back happy style memories.

Photographs: David Newby for the Guardian. Styling: Priscilla Kwateng. Stylist’s assistant: Hannah Davidson. Hair: Mark Daniel Bailey at the London Style Agency. Makeup: Lisa Stokes using Mac Pro. Models: Pam and Sylviane at Ugly Models, Vanessa and Maddie at Elite, Sam at Mrs Robinson.

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