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Fed up of your double chin? There could soon be an injection for it

Name: Double chins.

Age: From about your mid-forties.

Appearance: Differently beautiful.

Quite right! Everyone is beautiful. Even people with double chins?

Especially them. What even is a double chin, after all? It’s an accumulation of fat that sags below the jawline. Submental fat, as it is also known.

Beautiful submental fat. Sure, beautiful. But some people aren’t so fond of theirs and would rather have just the one. Once a second chin is there you can’t hide it, and dieting is no guarantee of removing it either. Exercises and various face-sucking machines may make some difference, but really dealing with it can require surgery, and that’s expensive and carries risks.

What causes a double chin in the first place? Being fat or being old.

I fully intend to be both, and cherish my chins. Isn’t that the great blessing of getting old? That everyone looks equally terrible? It must be such a relief. Yes. Maybe. But, if you change your mind, you may be pleased to hear that a new treatment could soon be available which will “significantly reduce” a double chin with just a few safe injections.

What is this treatment? Asking for a friend. Well, it’s based on a compound called ATX-101.

Oooh. That sounds posh. Yes, although it’s basically just deoxycholic acid.

Right. Remind me what that is again. It’s a secondary bile acid, made by bacteria in your gut.

Ugh. Although ATX-101 itself is “a proprietary formulation of a purified synthetic version”, according to Kythera Biopharmaceuticals, the company that makes it. Anyway, this stuff helps to break down fat in your digestive system, and trials now seem to show that it can break down surplus chins as well.

Interesting. Where can I get it and how much does it cost? The friend probably wants to know. It’s not available anywhere yet, but the US Food and Drug Administration is due to rule on it in May. European approval would probably follow before too long.

This is brilliant news! For my friend. Of course.

Do say: “Why be ashamed of your double chin? I’m going to cover mine with glitter!”

Don’t say: “Deploy beard!”

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