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Feet initial into a sea – and feel a sorcery | Gemma Cairney

Living Sea Therapy Foot Cream, £21

I like my feet, they are utterly petite. we like my feet since they concede me to step, bound and boogie. we like my feet since they strap about in furious desert when in water, and they assistance to keep me afloat and propel me brazen when we swim. we like my feet since they stoop to a sweetly unpleasant prodding and nonetheless splendidly recovering sessions of reflexology. we like to massage them better, alone in thankfulness when we have moments of rest, smiling during a little tip mole we have on a left one where no one each sees it.

I have found a sumptuously, pleasant feet cream that boasts of super powers interjection to my favourite component – a sea. Living Sea Therapy is a fascinating code formed in Cornwall, where they source a mixture for their products around special low sea diving and collecting methods that are 3,000 years old. They palm collect in sea kelp forests and remove nutrients and Cornish sea salt minerals. It’s all so primordially satisfying, and it smells heavenly.

Foot Cream, £21, livingsea therapy.co.uk

Article source: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2018/nov/25/gemma-cairney-beauty-foot-cream-seaweed-kelp-salt

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