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Finally, a beauty portal that recognises women of colour

When my sister and I were sprogs, my mum, a white woman, went optimistically into our local Boots, in west Sussex suburbia, having just moved from London. She asked if they had any products for ‘black hair’ only to be led to the aisle filled with hair dye. It was a poignant moment for Mum, a stark realisation that having two mixed-race children in a town where there weren’t many black people would be different to how it had been in London.

With this in mind, I want to recommend a progressive offering. The Black Skin Directory is a fantastic portal as it connects women of colour with expert skin professionals who recognise the importance of a true understanding of the unique demands of darker skin.

When founder Dija Ayodele discovered that 92% of 75 black women surveyed said it was a challenge to get access to a skincare professional who could meet their needs, she set about creating a resource to change that. There are recommendations from dermatologists, reviews of products, such as Zelens Power A (right), event listings and information on skin conditions. I welcome it with the most open of arms.

blackskin directory.com

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