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Flandana – the ultimate winter accessory (says Rihanna)

These are tough times for New Yorkers; it’s thought that temperatures are a record-low this winter and, to be fair, the air’s relatively fresh here, too. Hi, then, the Rihanna-endorsed Flandana, a bandana lined with a sherpa-grade fleece, hence the snappy portmanteau. Originally created by brother and sister designers Beau and Haley Wollens, for a graffiti artist who needed to keep warm while braving sub-zero temperatures to vandalise swaths of public property, it’s now become the go-to accessory for the cool and famous. At around £20 (or $32), it’s also oddly affordable. Rihanna, Drake, and half the frow wear theirs, bandit-style, in place of snoods. We approve.

Rihanna wearing a Flandana.
Photograph: Instagram

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