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From curls to Heidi Klum: what’s hot and what’s not this week

Going up

Curls See Damaris Goodie, Mica Arganaraz and Imaan Hammam for details.

Empire But mostly Cookie, back on our screens and with her own official emoji on Twitter. We’re so ready for the one-liners and bodycons.

Polo-neck season The only perk of winter, TBH.

Fresh Dressed A story of hip-hop fashion, featuring Kanye West and André Leon Talley, it’s best watched through a pair of Cazals.

The LBD So back. See Kate Moss, and wear with red lipstick.

Nasa Aka Nice and Safe Attitude. Rave-wear now sought after on eBay. The bomber jacket is the prize.

Tapestry The cover of Carole King’s 1971 album – ripped sweater, flares, frizzy hair, cat – is totes AW15.

Going down

Jolliness We’re calling time on this. Far too perky to be properly fashion.

Hiking socks Sorry, Mrs Prada. The glitter sock is the way to add pizzazz when looking down at your feet. It is nearly party season, after all.

Matching friends’ outfits on purpose Your life is not a fashion shoot, despite what Instagram leads you to believe.

Craft beer emporiums Wetherspoons is the normcore pub of choice.

Purple lipstick Just too tricky to apply. We don’t have time.

Heidi Klum Is any one else sick of her Halloween high jinks?

Box-fresh trainers Scuffs let the world know you were on the first wave of this trend.

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