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From Mykonos to sleeves: this week’s fashion trends

Going up

Mykonos Good enough for a Dior capsule collection, good enough for us.

Pocket Squares See Gary Hume’s design for the Old Vic’s 200th birthday – the cheapest way to own a Hume.

Tasha Tilberg The iconic model is fronting the new Acne campaign, complete with septum ring.

Vuitton’s new men’s scent.

Ambroxan The key ingredient in Vuitton’s new men’s scent, L’Immensité will help “invent a thrilling new life”. Hey, whatever works.

Dressing gowns as coats Good enough for Gucci – makes leaving the house easier

Chin from Taipei Story We’re obsessed with Chin’s wardrobe in the reissued cult film. Very Céline.

Going down

Two sleeves You only need one now – so says Calvin Klein.

Plastic pint glasses Turns out the plastic ban memo hasn’t quite made it to the festivals we’ve been to, which resemble a plastic cup graveyard. For shame.

Torso + neckerchief If Harry Styles has moved on from the bare chest neck scarf look then so should you.

Alexa Chung. Photograph: Darren Gerrish/Getty Images

Peak tong You can’t move for a soft, Chung-esque wave these days.

The red carpet Anna Wintour dropped it for the Met Gala, Alexander Wang opted for white at his NYC show – 2018 is over it.

Block heels Which we love, obvs, but we’re needle heel – see Isabel Marant and Miu Miu.

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