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From Olivier Rousteing’s beach parties to Isabel Marant’s cosy cabin, where do designers go to relax?

Olivier Rousteing, creative director, Balmain

Private beach in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Olivier Rousteing at new year

I’m still enjoying my youth, in a way; holidays on the beach and drinking and watching the stars in the sky at night. So when I am not working I often visit Dubai, to see my friends and have fun. I recently hosted the best party ever on a private beach there. It was me and all of my close friends, no one else, and we were dancing and swimming at 3am – no talk of work, just us in swimsuits, having a great time.

Eugene Souleiman, hair stylist

Home in Ashdown Forest, UK

Beech woods at dawn in Ashdown forest

I do so much travelling that when I can, I like to be home. It makes me feel grounded and ready to face the next round. I recently moved back from Melbourne to England and found a magical property in East Sussex, with Ashdown Forest at the bottom of the garden. It’s the first time I’ve ever lived in nature; it’s a sanctuary in every way. Going for walks and playing with my two daughters in such a beautiful setting really helps to take my mind away from the everyday stresses. I detox from media. I relax, meditate, and best of all I enjoy my girls.

Isabel Marant, designer

Cabin in Fontainebleau, France

The Fontainbleau’s forest

I’ve owned a cabin in Fontainebleau, a beautiful forest about 50km from Paris, for eight years. Originally a fisherman’s cabin, it was built in the 50s but we’ve renovated it and added wooden terraces. I go there most weekends – although a bit less during the winter as we don’t have a heater. When we are there we love being outside – gardening or building tree houses with the kids. I cook a lot; we do barbecues and planchas, and friends and family come over for Sunday lunch. We have a big military tent where they can stay if they’re with us for the whole weekend. I never use computers or work when I’m there. It’s our breathing space, dedicated to family and friends. We feel surrounded by nature, far away from everyday life.

Michael Kors, designer

Island of Capri, Italy

A view of the blue of Capri

I love Capri for its mix of glamour and sheer beauty. Normally I go in the spring and fall after my runway shows, when it’s not very busy but the weather is still amazing. It’s the perfect place to read, soak up the sun, eat delicious local food and recharge my brain. Plus the entire island smells like jasmine, one of my favourite scents. I relax, read books, catch up on the tabloids and always travel light: black T-shirts, Aviators, white jeans, black Birdwell trunks and a black cashmere zip-front hoodie. Cashmere is a Capri must.

Sophia Webster, accessories designer

Cabin in Negril, Jamaica

Sophia Webster’s Jamaica retreat

I first visited Jamaica when I was 19; my dad was a reggae DJ when I was growing up, so I’ve always been immersed in the culture somewhat. Jamaica is special to me now because it was my honeymoon destination when I got married in 2013. The cabin we stay in at Rockhouse hotel in Negril has a ladder straight into the sea, so it’s really easy to go snorkelling around the coral reef and discover the underwater world. The Wi-Fi is limited, so it’s a real escape from everyday pressures. I love how relaxed and unpretentious it is. Our baby, Bibi, was made there, so it will be great to bring her with us next time.

Consuelo Castiglioni, founder, Marni

Summer house in Formentera, Balearic Islands

Consuelo Castiglioni: ‘I sleep a lot, go cycling and swimming, watch marvellous sunsets from the patio next to the swimming pool …’

My husband Gianni and I built a villa in Formentera after discovering the island on holiday in 1996. It has big glass doors and a very natural, “wild” garden, typical of the surrounding landscape. We return every spring and summer with family and friends. I sleep a lot, go cycling and swimming, watch marvellous sunsets from the patio next to the swimming pool and – for the past three years – spend time with my grandchildren. I remember playing with my own children, Carolina and Giovanni there, when they were young kids, too.

Consuelo Castiglioni’s Formentera villa PR

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