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From a repository Pass notes: Gianni Versace, 20 Jul 1994

Pass notes
No 456: Gianni Versace

Age: 47.

Appearance: Rather ordinary, deliberation what he expects women to demeanour like.

What does he design women to demeanour like then? In a word, prostitutes.

Really? Yip. The story goes that when flourishing adult in Reggio di Calabria his mom used to defense his eyes each time they walked past a internal brothel. “If she hadn’t finished such a large understanding about it. we wouldn’t have grown such an interest.”

So who’s he sauce like a happy harlot nowadays? Judging by yesterday’s cinema from his Paris couture show, each supermodel and starlet we caring to name: from Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer to Hugh Grant’s partner Elizabeth Hurley, best remembered for acrobatics out of That Dress (the black safety-pin Versace series she wore to a premiere of Four Weddings And A Funeral).

The press likes him, then? He is, yet doubt, a design editor’s soppy dream, yet a conform editor’s nightmare. Too brash, too vulgar. too voluptuous for words: “The nth grade of show-offness” according to one; “fashion’s premier misogynist” says another.

Elizabeth Hurley, wearing That Dress. Photograph: Richard Young/Rex

It hasn’t finished him any mistreat though. Heavens no. He has turn a engineer name to drop, and — in sold — a couturier to a (pop) stars.

Like who? Prince, Sting (he did his ‘n’ her outfits for his latest wedding), Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, Michael Jackson — and Eric Clapton, until his desertion to a subtler attracts of Giorgio Armani.

Music fan is he? Yes, yet he has heterogeneous tastes. He’s been conceptualizing costumes for La Scala for 10 years and dressed Dame Kiri Te Kanawa for Capriccio during Covent Garden. “She is so pleasing and tall, yet she was fearful of fashion. She is happy now,” he pronounced modestly.

So he’s one of those designers who like women? Mmmm, that’s debatable, yet he adores his small sister Donatella. He describes a petite bottle blonde with a mahogany skin and critical Marlboro robe as “my ideal lady — a mother, a stone star, a tough worker”.

OK, OK, yet what are his garments like? The hype is not for nothing. In a past 5 years he has come adult with some of a many eye-catching, body-revealing things around: a brief neon shift, a sequinned leggings with film star motifs, a Baroque patterned silk shirt, a glamorous punk mini dress. They all finished adult in a High Street during 0.99, yet they all started with Signor Versace.

Not to be confused with: Either of a Saatchis, Giorgio Armani, a pimp.

Most expected to say: “Tighter! Higher! Shorter!”

Least expected to say: “I’m fearful that catsuit usually comes in beige.”

The Guardian, 20 Jul 1994.
Versace Paris show, Fall 1994/1995.

Article source: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2018/jul/20/pass-notes-gianni-versace-fashion-designer-1994

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