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From the Muppets to Homeland: next season’s TV style icons

Scream Queens: Chanel Oberin

Fans of Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf and 1988 teen pyscho classic Heathers will love Chanel Oberlin, the alpha sorority queen with a talent for one liners (“pissy spacek” is memorable). Her style has the same Waldorf preppiness and includes pearls, Chanel-ish skirt suits (obviously) and hair jewels. An honourable mention goes to Ariana Grande, who guest stars as Oberlin minion, Chanel #2.

Emma Roberts as Chanel Oberlin in Scream Queens Photograph: FOX/FOX via Getty Images

Chewing Gum: Tracey Gordon

Tracey’s combination of jumper, flowery shirt and button-through skirt when we first meet her at the start of Chewing Gum is enough to perk up the ears – or eyes, actually – of any fashionable viewer. Put together, it’s totally on the money for what we should all be wearing in 2015. A bit 1970s, but neatened up, we do hope she’ll resist Candice’s offer of a makeover.

Tracey in xxxx Photograph: Dave King/Dave King

The Good Wife: Luca Quinn

In the absence of Kalinda – RIP the patent knee-high boots and hideous red biker jacket – The Good Wife is in great need of a character whose alphaness is manifested through her wardrobe. All the women dress impeccably so welcome then Luca Quinn, Cush Jumbo’s new attorney, who is taking on Kalinda’s mantel. Judging by her Pollock-esque splattered prints, high-neck leopard print blouses and hideous, hideous drop earrings, she’ll go far.

Cush Jumbo as Lucca Quinn in The Good Wife. Photograph: CBS Photo Archive/CBS via Getty Images

Doctor Foster: Gemma Foster

From Charlotte Rampling in Broadchurch to Colombo, the beige trench-coat has taken on a whole new meaning on TV. This geek-chic look is suggestive of an outsider mentality with a good work ethic, on GP Dr Foster (Suranne Jones) it made its hero both likeable and relatable because, well, everyone has a trenchcoat. Props too for preempting Gucci’s spring/summer 16 collection. Here’s hoping there’s a new season soon.

Suranne Jones in Doctor Foster. Photograph: Des Willie/Drama Republic/Des Willie

River: Stevie Stevenson

Last Tango in Halifax actor Nicola Walker is set to gain a new set of fans next week – she starts in Abi Morgan’s, no doubt grittier, cop show River. Walker plays the already-dead Stevie and, judging by the trailer, her taste for silky shirt dresses will be one of the reasons she is missed. Could she be the new Stella Gibson?

Nicola Walker as Stevie in River. Photograph: Nick Briggs/BBC/Kudos/Nick Briggs

The Muppets: Beaker

The news that the Muppets will be returning to our screens provides the kind of warm feeling that can be summed up by an emoticon smiley face. While Kermit, Piggy and friends all have contributed to fashion – Fozzie’s fur even arguably influenced the Shrimps phenomenon – it might be Beaker, in his lab coat, shirt and tie that gets the nod as fashion icon this season. Scientist chic = so Loewe.

Beaker from The Muppets. Photograph: Andrea McCallin/ABC

Drifters: Meg

While a programme starring three young women is always likely to have some kind of fashion element, it’s Meg that wins in the style stakes. Her mix of charityshop finds with high street frocks works well, especially when combined with tales of a far less put together lifestyle. Clothes are useful that way aren’t they? This is surely the proof the most sleek people are messes underneath.

Lydia Rose Bewley as Bunny, Lauren O’Rourke as Laura and Jessica Knappett as Meg in Drifters. Photograph: Ian Derry/Ian Derry

The Affair: Helen Solloway

Maura Tierney is clearly all kinds of awesome – see her roles in ER and The Good Wife. Her role as Helen Sollaway in The Affair is the latest to add to that checklist, and her clothes add to her appeal. See little black dresses, sharp blouses and the kind of capable big bags that our kind of woman carries around. Heart her.

Dominic West as Noah and Maura Tierney as Helen in The Affair. Photograph: Mark Schafer/Mark Schafer/SHOWTIME

Empire: Lucious Lyon

Let’s not get so distracted by Empire’s Gucci-clad emotional heart, Cookie, that we fail to celebrate the genius of Lucious’ look. As befits an established hip-hop mogul, this is an old-school power wardrobe: cravats and pocket hankerchiefs; polo necks layered under suit jackets that recall Shaft and The Saint and current season Louis Vuitton. Those who threaten his throne – Andre, in his shiny suits, Hakeem in his vests – look like boys by comparison.

Terrence Howard as Lucious Lyon. Photograph: FOX/FOX

Catastrophe: Sharon Morris

For anyone who doubted whether a woman could have carefully-coiffed hair and also be really clever and funny, Sharon Horgan has long been the riposte. In Catastrophe, her clothes are put together in a realistic, imperfect way: prints clash, she’s still in her skinny jeans – whatever the fashion industry might say – her pregnancy wardrobe is one part panic purchase to two parts chic. She’s you with a blow dry.

Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan in Catastrophe. Photograph: Channel 4

Carrie Mathison: Homeland

As far from stylish as they get, up until now Carrie’s wardrobe has been widely classes as “beyond help”. Fair enough – she spends most of her time saving the US so we can forgive a few go-to dull blue or pinstripe suits.

Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison in Homeland. Photograph: Stephan Rabold/SHOWTIME/Stephan Rabold/SHOWTIME

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