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Here’s how to feel fanciful about your eyebrows

I plucked my eyebrows for a initial time aged 13, removing bravery happy in loyal 90s fashion. we was excited; we felt sassy, grown-up. It was a conform to go for Pammy Anderson ‘drawn-on’ curves. But these days, we’ve deserted this ‘barely any hair’ brow trend and transposed it with a bushiness of Frida Kahlo or Cara Delevingne. But what are we meant to do if we plucked them all out and they didn’t grow back?

I visited Shavata Singh’s studio, where quotes such as ‘Eyebrows are sisters, not twins’ emblazon a walls and there’s lots of welcoming laughter. You get your brows threaded, afterwards painted gradually, in sequence to check a colour during any stage. You can also buy a special oil that encourages a regrowth.

I hadn’t realised we could go to a place that done me feel fanciful about my eyebrows. I mean, let’s face it, it’s hard, ain’t it? The thought we’re ostensible to have not so most as a thrive of hair anywhere, nonetheless ideal brows, curly lashes, and pleasant bouffants? If we buy into this crap we competence as good call on someone pleasant to help.

Brow Lash Strengthener, £18, shavata.co.uk

Article source: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2018/apr/15/heres-how-to-feel-fabulous-about-your-eyebrows

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