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How I get ready: Alexandra Burke

It starts at home. My sister, Sheniece, plays music through the Apple TV in my living room and blasts it so loud it’s like a rave. I mainly go out with family – Sheniece, my brother David and my dad. Sometimes my mum will come, but she’s not a big raver like my dad. Everyone comes to me and I make a big meal so that everyone’s eaten.

Then my sister and I will turn my wardrobe upside down in search of a great outfit. I get cussed for not ironing my clothes, but my dad will help out and iron my stuff if he sees me looking a bit creased. I have a thing for shoes and I have managed to create a collection of Christian Louboutin in the six years since I won X Factor, but I think my sister wears them more than me. I love trainers, so if I don’t have to wear heels, I put on a sneaker.

I love Mac and Make Up For Ever is the greatest, but I am not a fan of wearing makeup all the time, it’s good to let skin breathe. The most I do with my hair is run it through with a GHD straightener. I have extensions sewn in all the time – you can have them cut into a fringe, add more or change the colour.

I am confident about my legs, but I don’t like having my stomach out. I like to do a lot of hot yoga, and performing keeps me fit. Now I am in The Bodyguard, I don’t have to do that much gym work because I am on stage every night.

I dress myself for TV appearances, but for shows I have a stylist. I would never go on stage in jeans and a top, because I wouldn’t feel amazing. I feel my best when I am on stage, because those costumes are made for my alter ego and they bring out a certain kind of energy.

Alexandra Burke’s EP Renegade is released on 25 March.

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