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How I get ready: Christine Bleakley

Maybe it’s an age thing, but my sister Nicola and I have decided getting ready is more fun than going out. We enjoy a glass of prosecco and get the music on – we love RB. Then the process begins. Frank (Lampard) will be downstairs – he’s not part of this. Being curly, our hair takes most time. My little stepdaughters say, “Why do you straighten and then recurl it?” and they’ve got a point, but getting rid of the frizzy curls is a nightmare. I blow-dry my hair and then tong it to give it a slightly different curl, or straighten it and put in a wave. I try different products – Kérastase cream or L’Oréal mousse. I’ll try anything.

I often get my makeup done at work, and I am a magpie when it comes to spotting things in other people’s makeup kits. I love trying new eyeshadows. I like Tom Ford makeup, which is very fancy, and By Terry foundations from Space NK. I enjoy doing other people’s makeup: I did my best friend’s wedding – her mother and all the bridesmaids.

I am a high-street girl (I love Zara) and feel most comfortable wearing all black. I dress it up with jewellery, and I like handbags and shoes – I can wear a heel all day long. I’m not great at getting my legs out: if my knees are covered I can make do, but I prefer to wear trousers. It’s not just that I don’t like my legs, I am also slightly lazy and, particularly when you are dark, there is maintenance which involves shaving and possibly a bit of tan that I am useless at. I am not one for getting the boobs out, either – the low-cut top with the short skirt does not work for me. I have always been a bit scared of going into that territory, and as I get older – I’ve just turned 36 – it is even more applicable.

Christine Bleakley presents Wild Ireland, which starts on 13 April at 8pm on ITV.

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