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How I get ready: Edith Bowman

Being a mum of two, having an hour to get ready is a rare thing. But I’m too impatient to spend time bathing in milk, doing my nails and exfoliating. If I am going to a festival, an extra hour spent getting ready is a whole set I could be watching.

I’m not a girlie girl, but I do like a nice product. I have sensitive skin, allergies to animals and hay fever, although acupuncture seems to help. I use Bioderma makeup remover and then replenish my skin with Rodial cleansing balm, which, after you wash it off, leaves a bit of oil on your face.

I really pay attention to makeup artists and what they do with me. I like Chanel Illuminating Base, a Smashbox chunky pencil to put colour on my lids, and a bit of kohl pencil liner – smudged, not pristine.

My hair is easy to do because it’s long. I blow-dry my fringe, then put in a bit of Redken Rootful root-lifting spray and blast my hair. If I want to do anything else with it, I’ve got waving tongs that are easy to use, or I stick in a few rollers.

I am happy with the top half of my body, but I hate my bottom half, from my waist to my knees, just because it needs exercise.

I am quite lazy and tend to play it safe with outfits, but for work and big events I have a stylist called Sabrina Henry. She pushes me to try things. For the Baftas I wore a dress by Luisa Beccaria, a designer I’d never heard of. It was a proper red-carpet dress made from a plastic-like fabric in shades of purple, with scarlet detail – colours I wouldn’t usually choose – and it had a V-neck that I wouldn’t normally go for, but it was gorgeous.

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