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How I get ready: Jeremy Irvine

I start getting ready about 15 minutes before the car arrives. I am good at quick showers: the shampoo goes on my head and is used everywhere, and then I’m out.

When it comes to choosing what to wear, I keep it simple. I think the main mistake men make is trying too hard. My wardrobe involves a lot of black and grey and white T-shirts. Any time I try anything more adventurous, I see photos of myself and think, “What a dick.”

I normally have all my friends over for a night out – I sneak them in when I go to places like Cannes. My best friend James is in charge of the iPod as we get ready. He puts on the dirtiest, grimiest music he can find.

When you are shooting a movie, you spend so long in makeup you know about every little pore and new wrinkle in your forehead, so you become very aware of ageing. I’m 25, but you notice every little change.

I didn’t use face products until I started getting freebies, and I’ve not noticed any difference. I am pretty sceptical about all that stuff. Makeup artists are often horrified at my lack of skin products, so they give me a bag to take home. Then all my girl mates come over and take them. One of my best friends is sorted with Dermalogica for life.

I was in Cyprus recently and got chatting to some lads on the beach. One guy was a real boy’s boy, and I was looking at his face thinking, “There’s something not right here, what is it?” I finally worked it out – he had coloured in his eyebrows. I might be in the minority, but it made me think maybe all this male grooming has gone too far. When did men stop being men?

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