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How I get ready: Lesley Joseph

I have a process: choose outfit, have bath, moisturise, apply makeup, put on clothes, sort hair, panic, take everything off and start again. I can get changed about five times. I am not very good at making decisions. There are times when I get to a function and think I’ve made the wrong choice, then worry about it for the whole evening. I once turned up to an awards ceremony wearing mismatching shoes. It wouldn’t have mattered, but I had to present an award. I got up on stage and said, “Ladies and Gentleman, as you can see, I obviously get dressed in the dark”, and got a round of applause.

There are certain events when I know people are expecting part-Lesley, part-Dorien, so I will Dorien-esque myself up. I’ve kept most of her clothes from 103 episodes of Birds Of A Feather, so I will choose one of the shorter or slightly lower-cut dresses. It will normally involve a bit of leopardskin.

I listen to classical music while I’m getting ready, and I always play Meatloaf’s Bat Out Of Hell en route. I put that album on, sing along and, by the time I arrive at the function, I am flying somewhere very high.

I am 5ft 2in, so I love my stilettos. I can’t wear kitten heels, because my feet and hamstrings just aren’t used to them. I feel confident walking into a room wearing heels. It also helps to down a glass of bucks fizz (I love bubbles) as soon as I walk into a room full of people I don’t know. I don’t care what age you are, that is always daunting. My tip is to have a drink, relax and always assume that everyone is as shy as you are. So walk up to someone and break the ice first.

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