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How I get ready: Noel Clarke

I am one of those roll-out-of-bed people, and I don’t think I am well groomed. I’m not into fashion; my failsafe outfit is jeans and a grey T-shirt, and I don’t iron my T-shirts.

When I was up for the Bafta [for the Rising Star award, in 2009, which he won], I had a stylist, but generally I wear my own stuff. If I have to dress up, I like a James Bond look: a nice tailored suit.

If I am going out, I’ve got to re-brush the teeth – it doesn’t matter what time of day it is – then I usually put the top half of my clothes on first, because I don’t want to crease the trousers.

I am conscious of my crooked face and I don’t think I have a best feature. I am average shaped, although my arms look pretty decent in a shirt (I think that is from my days as a personal trainer). When I get the chance, I go into the gym and hump a few weights. I am 38 and, in my old age, I am trying to avoid getting man boobs; they are definitely something I am quite worried about.

I am getting a bit sensitive about my hair, too: I am trying to hold on to it, so I wash it with as little shampoo as I can, and I don’t use conditioner. The less I rub it, the better: I don’t want it to fall out.

There is no waxing going on, and I am not one of those people who has a cream for my eyes, a cream for my legs and a cream for this and that. I grab whatever I can find in the house – it might be hand cream – and use it everywhere. And I wash my face with water. I am definitely a wash-and-go guy.

Noel Clarke directs and stars in The Anomaly, which is out now on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital.

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