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How I get ready: Peter Andre

If I have to be somewhere in the morning, the actual getting ready takes 15 minutes. But I need an hour before that to put on my steam shower, go downstairs and sit and have a coffee in silence. I have a double espresso and a glass of water, like the Mediterraneans, to get that caffeine kick and hydration, and then I’m raging, ready to go. At that point my steam shower will have heated up, but I only go in for a short time. I love a good steam, except in summer.

My hair is curly, so if I’m going somewhere on my own, not a work event, I will run the straighteners over it. I also use coconut oil as moisturiser. You can do anything with it – eat it, cook with it, use it on your skin. It’s fantastic.

I cannot pick my clothes out the night before. I need to walk in and go, “I feel like wearing that today,” and, bang, I’m on it. I could pick out a million things the night before, but if I wake up and I don’t feel as good as I did the day before, I won’t want to wear any of it.

There are many parts of my appearance I don’t like, but in a way that keeps you humble. When I was 17 or 18 I used to look in the mirror because I thought I looked good. Now I look and think, “Oh my gosh, please tell me I look better than that!” I started feeling this way in my late 20s, because when I was younger my workout routine was ridiculous. I had abs of steel. Trying to maintain that at 41? It’s like, Nah, give me a break. I stay trim, yes, but ripped? No. I only miss my abs when I’m on the beach.

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