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How I get ready: Rachel Riley

I like doing makeup, so I start with that. I am lucky because I often get my makeup done by professionals, and they always try new ideas; I’ll attempt to vaguely recreate what they’ve done. At the moment, I like a smoky eye and lipstick that’s going to stay put. If I am going to a red carpet event, I always nominate somebody who, as soon as we get there, can let me know if I’ve got eyeliner on my cheeks, lipstick on my teeth, that kind of thing.

I am always running late for absolutely everything; my hair’s the last thing I do because I am terrible at it. Recently I’ve grown it long for the first time. It’s naturally straight and, if I’m doing it myself, I’ll just turn my head upside down and blast it with a hairdryer.

I am 5ft 7in and I’ve longish legs, so I’ll usually wear a short skirt; I like a coat because I am always cold. I use a stylist, which wasn’t something I imagined I’d ever do because I like shopping, but, because we prerecord Countdown, I don’t want to wear something that everyone has from the high street by the time the programme goes out. My stylist finds new, often British designers, and I get to borrow their stuff to wear once and then give it back, so I don’t have a wardrobe full of clothes that I am never going to wear.

As soon as I am out of my work clothes, I am in flat shoes, stretchy leggings and a cashmere jumper; it’s all low maintenance. I was living in my flat for a year and a half when my mum came over and said, “Can I borrow your iron?” I said, “Yes, sure,” – then found I didn’t have one!

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