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How I get ready: Stuart Broad

Forty minutes before the taxi is due, I jump in the shower. Then I put on a bit of moisturiser – being a cricketer, I’m in the sun a lot, so my face can get quite dry.

I spend a lot of time training in casual clothing, so I like the chance to dress up. I am just over 6ft 5in, with 38in legs, so trousers are tricky – American jeans are generally a touch longer and I usually have my suits tailored. For my birthday my girlfriend [model Bealey Mitchell] bought me a Burberry mac, which is a real classic, so I am looking forward to getting that out of the closet. I am not a shopper, but Bealey likes it so she does choose some of my clothes; I trust her fashion sense. She likes me in simple greys, black and white; if I wear too bright a colour it can exaggerate my height.

I am fussy with footwear. Being a bowler, my feet are very important to me so I never buy crappy shoes. I find Prada shoes fit well, and boot-wise I like the shape of Jeffery-West boots.

Leading up to a game, I always like to do things in threes. So on the field I have to mark my runup three times and bowl three balls, and in the changing room I tie my boots up three times. It’s a strange superstition but something in the number three makes me feel safe. I do three sprays of aftershave before I go on the field – my lucky one for cricket is Paco Rabanne Invictus. On a night out, I like one by Marc Jacobs, or Tom Ford Black Orchid. I don’t spray three times, though – I don’t feel under the same sort of pressure as when I play cricket for England, so I don’t need the luck.

Stuart Broad is ambassador for Hardys of Australia, sponsors of England cricket.

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