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How I get ready: Trevor Nelson

If I am going out for work, I don’t like dressing up. Because I am the DJ, I am the centre of attention and I’m actually quite shy, so I prefer to dress down. I work from the shoes up. Most people think about the shoes at the end and realise they haven’t got any that work.

Facial scrubs are the biggest secret for men. You have to get that dead skin off your face, especially if you don’t have hair, like me. I was brought up to moisturise, too. People always say black skin doesn’t age that much but that’s because we all moisturise, otherwise we look a little ashy. I don’t care which products I use, though – they’re all overrated.

I like fresh-smelling aftershave, not those deep, sexy, alpha scents that a lot of men like, which are a bit “voulez-vous couchez avec moi”. There are day scents and night scents, and I only wear day scents.

My secret weapon to combat the selfie craze at my gigs is eye drops. People everywhere ask for a picture with you at 3am in a club, and the next day I see these terrible pictures on Twitter and I’ve got bloodshot eyes. So I put a couple of eye drops in before I go out to keep me looking awake.

If I am just going out for a relaxing evening with the girlfriend, I pay more attention to my clothes than I would for a gig. I try to wear some of the smarter clothes I never usually wear for work. My girlfriend doesn’t choose what I wear, but I do need her seal of approval. She works for Vogue, so there’s a decent amount of pressure there. You can guarantee she will look good. There’s no guarantee I will.

The Trevor Nelson Collection 3 is released by Sony on 12 January.

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