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How to do Christmas party nails – a guide for beginners

Somebody call Rihanna immediately! Those lime-green, pointy talons seen at the British Fashion awards last Monday are woefully 2014. Nails now are going back to something a little less fluoro and a lot less pointy. See Victoria Beckham’s collaboration with Nails Inc, released on Monday, which brings back basic colours such as tomato red and nude. The ads are very understated with short, rounded nails rather than anything spiky.

Or there’s scalloping, a kind of French manicure with twiddly bits that only really works on something a bit more understated. These are the nails that require the patience of a saint and, probably, an entire night in front of the telly. But, hey, it’s Christmas and you haven’t got time for that. Instead, Sharmadean Reid, the founder of Wah Nails, explains how to do easy party nails.

An easy design to recreate (all by Wah Nails)

Time-strapped? Go big on the sparkles

Invest in some sparkly shades that will go with anything and can be applied in minutes. Glitter can be painted quickly and messily but will still look cool if you’re late and rushing out to the party.

A step up on the difficulty level

Cover up chips by ‘streaking’

If your manicure has chipped, don’t worry – just get some gold glitter polish and paint it on the tips of your nails. Wipe the brush clean on the bottle, then drag the glitter down towards your cuticle to do a fade design on top of your original polish.

Trickier, but worth it

Invest in a gel

If you want to get through all your Christmas parties chip-free, then get a gel-polish manicure. Deep reds are always popular at this time of the year. The best thing is that you can paint a Christmassy design over it, then wipe the design off with non-acetone remover and still have your gel on underneath.

OK, this might be best left to the professionals

Wear your Christmas jumper on your nails

Have fun! If you’ve never had crazy nails before, Christmas Day with the family is the perfect time to show off your snowflake/reindeers/santas. Get a design to match that Christmas sweater your gran bought you. She’ll be elated.

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