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How to Find Summer Maxi Dresses Online

If a dress hits the floor and flows like no other, it’s called a maxi dress and it’s this season’s hottest trend. They’re making their way into every woman’s closet because they’re so comfortable to wear – that and the fact that you can use them on any occasion imaginable. Casual and cool, they can be worn literally anywhere. There are many types of maxi dresses but the best ones to hit the shelves are two kinds – the summer and winter time maxi. What‘s the difference, you ask? You probably can’t tell them apart but both types are super comfortable and brilliantly designed. So when you are searching for maxi dresses online, you need to know the difference to help you get it right.

Summer Maxi Dresses vs Winter Maxi Dresses

The difference might lie on the occasion you wear them to. For summer, you’re going for as minimal clothes as possible, right? Here’s where a summer maxi might surprise you.
Summer maxi dresses have no sleeves which is perfect for day wear. Although the hemline might hit the floor, the dress does offer a myriad of designs on it. Some are even bright colored to match the hues of summer!

A winter maxi dress is more formal in color – black, navy, red or brown but the end goal is the same as a summer maxi. It’s comfortable even while teamed up with a wedge that ultimately defines glamour chic for the night time.
They may differ in sleeve, necklines or overall designs but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear the same winter maxi for summer. See how versatile this style is?

Reasons to Wear a Summer Maxi Anytime

Don’t look at the maxi dress as a seasonal style outfit. It’s a dress, period. You can wear it anytime you desire. Summer maxi dresses prove that you can wear this outfit forever (not just for summer). Here’s why:

• Lightweight and versatile – In terms of style, a summer maxi is very multipurpose. The one thing that’s going for maxi dresses is the fact that its versatility can let you wear any accessory with it. Put on a denim jacket and the dress transforms itself as a whole new outfit! It can be a casual dress which can also be worn at the office or for a night out with the girls provided you have the correct accessories. And the whole dress is made of lightweight usually flowing material. It’s airy and doesn’t cling to your body. This makes it easy to walk around in spite of the hemline grazing the floor.

• From day to night…with the right shoe – The key to making a summer maxi work for you is to pair it with the right kind of shoes. The trick is to know a style fact: Not all heels work with a summer maxi. During the day, put on a good pair of summer sandals or flats. This makes for a casual look and something that’s very laid back. More casual maxis include something that’s striped or floral and tie dyed.

Come night time, the same maxi would work with a strappy heeled sandals or sandal wedges to keep it with the summer theme. Pair a maxi dress with a blazer and a boyfriend’s watch to make it a good look for a formal dinner party. You can’t go wrong with it.

The point is to make the look work for you instead of fighting to turn a summer maxi into something it’s not. Yes, it can be worn forever with the right shoe and the attitude. Any summer maxi can become the most perfect outfit for every season.

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